Christmas in the
Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Tradition

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Christos Razdajetsja! Slavite Jeho!

S'nami Boh! God is with us!

Vesele Vianoce!

There are days until Christmas!

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The Traditional Christmas Greeting

"I greet you with the Feast of Christ's Nativity and wish that the Infant Jesus shower upon all of you His choicest blessings. May we all live in health, peace, and happiness and may we all celebrate another Christmas together. A Merry and Blessed Christmas! Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Hymns and Songs - Koledy

Vote for your Favorite Slavonic Christmas Koledy

Nebo i Zeml'a - Heaven and Earth

Boh Predv'icnjy - Eternal God

Radost' Nam Sja Javl'ajet - Joyful Tidings Come Our Way

Noc Ticha - Silent Night

S'Nami Boh! Carpathian Chant Choral

S'Nami Boh! - God Is With Us! - Instrumental

Sheet music for S'Nami Boh, God Is With Us!

Pridite Virnyji - Adeste Fideles

Viflejemy Cud - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Christmas Greeting from Holy Ghost Choir
S'Nami Boh! God is with us!

Carol of the Bells - Zvoncekova Koleda

So Nebes Anhel - Angels from Heaven

Boh Sja Razdajet - God's Son is Born

Spas Nas Narodilsja - Jesus Came from Heaven

Three Kings - Tri Carije

Good King Wenceslaus

Viflejemi Novina - There is Joy in Bethlehem

V Veflejemi novyna - The Wonder of Bethlehem
Solo performed by Zoryana Kovbasniuk at Brama

O Kto, Kto Nikolaja L'ubit - Hymn to Nicholas

To Jordan's Water - the Hymn of Theophany

The Saint Michael's Byzantine Catholic Men's Choir
of Campbell, Ohio invites you to join them in an
on line Concert of Christmas Carols

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
in Church Slavonic, Reverend Nicholas Rachford Celebrant
Responses sung by the Parma Byzantine Diocesan Choir
and RealVideo Divine Liturgy from Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Customs and Traditions

Bethlehem Carolers - Jaslickari - A most wonderful Christmas tradition
Script and text in English courtesy of Father Michael Hayduk

A Slovak's Night Before Christmas Poem

The Coming of the Gubi - Bethlehem Carolers
by David Kuchta

Circa 1929 Photo Coming of the Gubi Flint Michigan

The Christmas Wafers - Oplatky by Father George M. Franko

Our Oplatki Tradition by Jim and Chris Sagat

Christmas in the Carpathian Highland
by Michael Roman, a comprehensive page of Rusyn Christmas traditions
based on an article written 30 years previous, "Rozdestvo na Verchovini"
by Michael I. Dzamka of Cleveland, Ohio

Martin Lipocky of Bratislava writes about
Christmas Eve Dinner in Slovakia

Recalling Our Slovak Christmas Eve Traditions
by Father George M. Franko

The Upside Down Christmas Tree

The Christmas Cribs of Presov, Slovakia

Slovak Embossed Wax Egg Ornaments

A Kosice Christmas

Rusyn Christmas Greetings, Symbolisms and Superstitions
by Michael Roman of the Greek Catholic Union
at the Carpatho Rusyn Knowledge Base

Christmas in Western Slovakia by Richard Mihalek

Mykola Musinka's Christmas and New Year
Customs of the Carpatho-Rusyns

Slovak Orechovnic Nut Roll Video Recipe

Memories and Traditions - A Slovak-American Remembers

Vianoce - Slovak Christmas Site

Christmas Eve Traditions - Candles

Christmas Eve Traditions - Walnuts

Christmas East and West by Steven Hawkes-Teeples, S.J.

Christmas, the original Long Weekend in Slovakia

Christmas in Eastern Slovakia
by Mark Jesko of the Baltimore Czech & Slovak Heritage Association

Christmas Eve - Slovaks in Ohio and New York
by Mrs. Anna Bacsi & Rev. Michael Sabo

McJoyful Christmas in Eastern Europe

Remembering Christmas in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Christmas at Mount Saint Macrina 2006

The Christmas Seals of Czechoslovakia 1919-1947

Tuberculosis Christmas Seals of Czechoslovakia 1926-1951

Slovak 2000 Christmas Stamps
Nativity from Spišská Stará Ves and Jubilee 2000

The 1999 Slovak Christmas Stamp

The 1998 Slovak Christmas Stamp

The First Christmas Stamp of the Slovak Republic

Slovak Traditional Painting on Glass: The Nativity

The Great Compline all night service of Christmas Eve

Seasonal Customs from the Encyclopedia of Folk Culture in Slovakia's Canadian Slovaks and Christmas Traditions
Bazaars - Vianocne jarmoky

Slovak Christmas cards - Vianocne pozdravy and
Historical Christmas Cards from Slovakia

A brief history of Lionel Village with photographs
Lionel village was founded by two American brothers of
Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn descent in the mid 50's

Christmas Fabric by Orysia Paszczak Tracz

Christmas at a Kysuce Village

A Beautiful Christmas Basket
Story by Edward Andrusko

Visit the Animated Nativity of Our Lord and the Magical Sleigh Ride
both with music and a Carpatho-Rusyn twist by NightRose

Knight, horses, hunting by Orysia Paszczak Tracz

The Gospel of Luke

The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Goose by Uga

A Recipe for Loksa, one of the traditional foods of Christmas Eve dinner
that also has a very unusual tradition attached to it

Bobalky, a Christmas Eve Tradition

Christmas Clear Mushroom Soup

Grandmother's Christmas Kolachi

The Recipes of Slovakia Revisited

The Twelve Dishes of Sviat Vechir

The verses and text for Holy Supper or Svjatyj Vecer
at the Slava Issusu Christu Christmas section!

Holy Supper of Christmas Eve

Presentation of a Slovak Creche at SCNC

Theotokos, the birth-giver of God

Christmas pastoral message of Bishop Basil Schott,
Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma, Ohio
and a Real Audio version

RealAudio Christmas Eve Greeting
from Father Bernard Misovic, S.J. and Rev. Ladislav Kozak

A Christmas Miracle - story by Edward Andrusko

Hand Made Cornhusk Nativity Set from Slovakia

Orthodox Christmas Hymns

Troparion of the Feast of the Nativity

The Katavasies of the Nativity

Christmas Pastoral Letters

Philip's Fast

Christmas message of Bishop Basil
to the beloved faithful of the Eparchy of Stamford

Background and History of Christmas
at the Catholic Encyclopedia On Line

Want to Learn More About the Slovak Republic?
Visit the Embassy of the Slovak Republic Web Site

Want to Learn More About Your Family?
Visit the Slovakia Genealogical Research Web Site

Christmas Market in Bratislava

The Blessing of the St. Basil's Bread

The Feast of Theophany - January 6

The Life of The Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker
Nicholas, Archbishop Of Myra in Lycia and Icon of Nicholas

O kto, kto Nikolaja l'ubit
Saint Louis Byzantine Catholic Mission Parish Bulletin
has lots of information on Saint Nicholas

The Saint Nicholas of Myra page in France is a site worth exploring

George Mitrevski's Icon Collection
includes an Icon of the Nativity and Icons of Nicholas, the Wonder-worker

Philipovka or Saint Philip's pre-Christmas Fast

Byzantine Catholic Preparation for the Nativity

Christmas Traditions of Ukraine

Christmas in the Czech, Bohemian, and Moravian Tradition

The World Christmas Homepage

The Christmas Shop

DayBreaks Day By Day Guide to Advent

Slovak Sheet Music

Great Stuff from Slovakia on eBay

Slovak Heritage Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments on eBay

Theotokos Christmas Tree Ornament

Great Gift Idea - Babushka Stacking Dolls

Mrs. Mauro's Potica (Kolac)

Eastern Christian Icons - Great Gift Idea

The Joy of Christmas cassette by Saint Michael's Byzantine Catholic
Men's Choir - a MUST HAVE for anyone with Carpatho-Rusyn Heritage

Slovak Language Tools and Dictitionaries

The Slovak Pride Data Base of over 8,100 names

Slovak Surname Location Reference Project Books

Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
has Christmas Audio and Video Tapes available for sale

The Czech and Slovak Bookshop

The Slovak Music Shop

Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Stocking Stuffers

Oplatki On Line - Slovak Christmas Wafers

Unique Christmas Gift - Buy a Star Name

The Slovak Shop Aution Gallery at eBay

Own a piece of Slovak History - Stamps of Czechoslovakia

Eastern European CookBook Store

The Joy of a Slovak Christmas by Trudy Check-Tuhy

Over 20,000 Books About Christmas

Transcarpathian Christmas Cooking

Slovenske Jedlo - Pennsylvania Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Soul Food

The Czech and Slovak Movie Shop

Fran Kardos Mosconi recommends the novel Sophie's Heart

A large black and white Wall Map of Slovakia
and Christmas cards in Slovak or English
from the Slovak Benedictine Fathers of Cleveland

Books About Carpatho-Rusyns

Nativity Sets 2 Inch to Life Size

Unique gifts, hand painted icons, blown glass ornaments from Bohemia,
hand painted necklaces and more...

Carpatho-Rusyn Settlement - A Map And Gazetteer

The Eastern Christian Supply Company

The Silver Icon on-line catalogue
of hand-made reproductions of historical religious icons

Quomodo Invidiosulus Nomine Grinchus
Christi Natalem Abrogaverit in Latin

Ordering information for the Treasures of Slovakia

Music for the Feast of Christmas at Musica Russica

Valentino's Icon Gallery

Treasury of Carpatho-Rusyn Songs Video

The Byzantine Seminary Press

Traditional Slovak Folk Tales

The PolArt Christmas Section

Olive, the Orphan Reindeer
A Christmas story by Michael Christie of Vancouver, Canada

Food and Drink from Adamba Imports International

The Pierogi Palace Mail Order Pierogi

A Tiny Child Will Come, Christmas CD or tape
by Jesus' Awesome Musicians

Randall Kopchak who did most of the on line music
for the Christmas in the Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Tradition
site is a member of Jesus' Awesome Musicians

The Christmas-Depot

Family Fun

Old Fashioned American Christmas Traditions

Turkey Trivia Quiz

The Silent Night Web

Beanie Baby fans will love the official Beanie Baby site

Lionel Train Commercials of the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's

Cabbage Patch Kids

The Slovak X-Files

PBS's America 1900
Free Family Tree Software and Teacher's Guide

NatureSongs, the sounds of nature

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Photo Collection

Music for the Nation
Sheet Music from the Library of Congress

The Christmas Trivia Quiz

Paint Your Own Virtual Icon

The Doll Net

The American Lung Association Christmas Seals Page

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

A Brief History of Santa

Vocabulary - This is Great

Concordance of Famous Works

The Butterball Turkey www site
Don't forget the Cranberries

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Boh Predvicnjy (Eternal God) - midi arr. by Randall Kopchak