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I'm from Lansdale, PA. My mother's name is Constance Price, her mother's name was Mary Zoshak, and her mother's name was Susan Yanick. John Zoshak, Susan's husband, immigrated from the village of Hanusovce, Slovakia, probably in the 1920-1930s time frame. John and Susan raised 13 children in the mining town of Eckley, Pennsylvania. Today, many of the Zoshak family descendents still live in the nearby village of Freeland, Pennsylvania. Beyond John, the family is unsure of where we come from. We do know that the name Zoshak was spelled Zosak when John's family lived in Hanusovce (my cousin might know more about the name change, and I can contact him.
email: Melissa Kelley - - Posted 31 December 2000

Researching: KUCAN, TUTKO
Just found out that my relative with the surname of Kucan had changed his name to this upon arrival to the US. His Slovak surname was Tutko and he was from the village of Kudlovce / Kochanovce. Many thanks.
email: Leslye - - Posted 31 December 2000

Researching: NADZAM
My grandfather George Nadzam was born in Posa in 1892. His fathers name was Michael.
email: John Nadzam - - Posted 31 December 2000

I am researching the surnames Kozbelt/Kozbial from Iglo/Spisska Nova Ves ca. 1860's and Kubovtsik and Mikula from Rufshovsky/Richnavy area Eastern Slovakia ca. 1840's. Basista and Dvorsk from Draveiz also ca. 1840's. Anyone searching same? Any info appreciated.
email: Auriane - - Posted 30 December 2000

Researching: MEDVED, MEDVJED
Looking for relatives this is a shot in the dark but thought I would try anyway not quite sure. The people are Peter and Roza Medvjed they had children that came to the US in the early 1900's one is Mile-Muski Medvjed the name was changed here. Their names were on the birth certificate as the parents. Can you help?
email: Renee Medved - - Posted 30 December 2000

Looking for family information on Lohin, George and Maria Schlacta Lohin, both born in Chudlovo, Uzhorodski Rion, Ukraine. They came to America in the early 1900's and settled in the Pottsville Area of PA. I am interested in tracing back info on Grand and Great Grand Parents. Great Grand Father was a Greek Catholic Priest in Jarog for 50 years. His name was Rev. Stephen Steforofsky (spelling ?) Another living relative is Fr. Joseph Stelicka, whom I have met in Uzhorod approximately 11 years ago. Any help would be most appreciative. Djakuju za vash pomoch!
email: Pavel - - Posted 30 December 2000

Researching: VALIGURSKY
I am looking for anybody related to Valigursky, especially who was the user of My Grandparents, Pavol and Katarina Valigursky are currently living in Nizne Ruzbachy, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 30 December 2000

These are the names I am researching that came to Youngstown and Campbell Ohio in the early 1900's.
email: Larry - - Posted 30 December 2000

Researching: KOCHERA
I went to the Ellis Island Museum and found Michael John Kochera. My great-uncle's name was John Kochera and I know he and my Grandmother came over from ?Hungary? when they were 13 and 3 respectively. Can you help me determine if this guy is my ancestor?
email: - - Posted 29 December 2000

Researching: OLYARA, GODZIK
My grandparents, Jurka Olyara, Date of Birth 1876, came to the USA on 11-17-92 from a town listed as Weglo'wce and Weglowka. Records from that town were apparently burned in a fire, however, I would like to know where the town is situated and what it is called presently. I understand that it is presently in Slovakia. My grandmother's maiden name was Katarryna Godzik, Year of Birth, 1885, 86, or 87. They were married in St. Michael's Church on 1st street in Passaic, New Jersey on August 13, 1904. If there is any other information available, such as relatives in Weglowka who remained, or any references to access political information, please let me know, or, give me the information. I appreciate your help.
email: Penny Holman - - Posted 29 December 2000

Looking for any information of the various spellings of Esz, Ess, Schisler, Scheussler, or Schussler. Frank Ess and Elizabeth Schisler were from Perjamos, Hungary and emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900's.
email: Linda Fowler - - Posted 29 December 2000

Researching: MALEWICKI
The village is Bukowa, Poland and the family name is Malewicki.
email: - - Posted 29 December 2000

Researching: STEFAN
I am researching my grandfather, John Stefan. He came to America around 1905, and settled in Clymer, PA. He came from the village Suche, Zemplin County. It is told to me that they had a farm there in Suche.
email: Dean Stefan - - Posted 29 December 2000

Researching: SELEPAK
I am interested in information about the Selepak family from Slovakia. My grandfather, Andras Selepak, migrated to Pennsylvania as a teenager and was born on 27 November, 1887 in Jablonka. He had five children, of whom my father was the middle one.
email: Lynn Selepak - - Posted 29 December 2000

Researching: BEDNARZ, BEDNAS
I am searching for information on my father's family. The name is Bednarz but it is spelt Bednas on immigration documents. My grandfathers name was Josef, they immigrated to Australia in 1956. My grandmother was Ukrainian. They had eight children. My father was the eldest. My fathers cousin apparently went to Canada about the same time that they came to Australia.
email: Catherine - - Posted 29 December 2000

Researching: BIBEL, VAGH
Searching for information on John Bibel and Julia Vagh from Kush? Hungary. They left for the United States around 1903.
email: - - Posted 28 December 2000

Looking for relatives of my late grandmother, Sofia (Petrovich) Slawitsch. supposedly, she has a brother currently living in Ohio.
email: - - Posted 28 December 2000

Researching: KELLER, HUBISCH
Dominick Keller born 1835 somewhere in Poland, Married Ann Hubisch. She was also born in Poland 1837 They had my Great Grandfather Joseph Keller March 19 1855 in Poland. Came to Galveston, settled in Panna Maria. How do I find dates they came and where in Poland they lived.
email: Elaine Keller Knight - - Posted 28 December 2000

I am of Slovak descent. My family name is Skovira with other family names being Merva, Halupka, Gavenda. I would appreciate any info on these names. My father's family settled in Jessup, PA before 1900 and my mother's family the Halupka's and Merva's came about the same time I think and settled in Mocanaqua,PA and in NJ.
email: Chrystyna - - Posted 28 December 2000

I am searching for ancestors in Posnan, Poland. Gorka / Gurka, Kolodzieczak, Rollirod, Kaczorowski, & Kubeczka. Any info will be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 28 December 2000

Family from village of Medveje (medvedie) Slovakia (Carpatho-Russian?) Family names are : Michael Obletiloff (Obletila possible spelling). Came to US in about 1920. His parents were Andrew and Pearl (Dertso, aka Derco) Michael Obletiloff married Julia Rachko (Racko) born 1909, from same village (Medveje). Julia cam to US in 1023 to Ellis Island on ship named Terhaniya from Hamburg, Germany. Julia's parent's were: Andrew and Mary (Kmet) Rachko (Racho, Racko) from same town. Michael and Julia lived in Elwood City , PA, then Central City, PA and then to Warren, OH where they died. Michael died in 1933, Julia in 1982, married in Weirton, WV. Thank you for any help.
email: Paula Koerte - - Posted 28 December 2000

I am searching for Ancestors of Rudolph Bartusek was Born in 1869 the name of the town I have is Galgoc or Galgoczyovsky. His Wife,s name is Susie Zurek she was born in 1880. They had three Girls and to Boys.I do not know the names of the girls the boys names are Rudolph J. Bartusek was born Oct 15th 1900 came to the USA Nov 5th 1913.Frank P Bartusek born 1904 .Idonot have year HE came to the USA. The last Name could all so be spelled Bartousek.
email: Frank J Barusek - - Posted 28 December 2000

Researching: HUDAK
Researching Hudak. Thank you for the help!
email: Lonnie Hudak Thompson - - Posted 27 December 2000

Najmik, Maczko, Kundraczik, Luczak, Kordiak, and Kormos. I am researching the above surnames--all from Bajerovce, Austria Hungary.
email: Helen Rizi - - Posted 27 December 2000

Looking for relatives of Joseph Stanovcak, Parent above, from Gilovcve, Zemplinska Zupa, Slovakia. Also grandmother Susan E. Stanek, parents Michael and Helen Kremnicky Sulak from Leskovce, Zemplinska Zupa, Slovcakia.
email: - - Posted 27 December 2000

I am looking for information about my grandparents John Kracsun (originally Kratchun) and Mary Sophia Roslosnik orginally from Dobsina (Dobschau) They came to the U.S. around 1900.
email: - - Posted 27 December 2000

Looking for information on Aksenty Nykorchuk, Wife, Vasylana Filipchuk of Pittsfield, MA. Alexander Smicherko, Wife, Wadja Kurpiewski of Old Forge, PA.
email: - - Posted 27 December 2000

Researching: CERNAN
While researching the Cernan name, I came across a querry looking for Imro, Franco, Karl, Alexander and Pias Cernan. However, the original person who posted it has changed email address. Imro is my husbands grandfather. He changed his name to Emery or Emrick. Imro, Karl, and Pias came to America and settled in western Pennsylvania. Imro's daughter, Amelia, would love any information anyone has on the Cernan name. She was orphaned at a young age.
email: - - Posted 27 December 2000

Researching: BABEJ, BABEY
Researching the Babej / Babey family.
email: Jiri Babey - - Posted 27 December 2000

I am looking for Olearnick from Poland or Hungary they came over around 1880 to 1900 to Kulpmont, PA He is my great grandfather John Olearnick his parents are Paul and Dora Olearnick and his wifes name is Annie Her parents are Andrew and Mary Kracinovski.
email: - - Posted 27 December 2000

Researching: SEDLAK
Surname Sedlak from Malzenice, okres Trnava. My great grandfather had 5 daughters.
email: Jean Rossman - - Posted 27 December 2000

Eva Zurat (Zuraw) Palifka from Galicia, Austria, d/o (?) Katherine Baranuk & John Zuraw. Eva corresponded with a sister in care of a brother in Austria. Relatives in Mar Lin, Buck Run and Minersville, PA. Eva met Egnace (Ignatz) Palifka (Carpatho-Rusyn?) in East Windsor Hill, CT. Eva & Egnace married on 14 May 1915 Meriden, CT. They bought land and started a farm in Windsor, CT that is now Cottage Grove Road. Eva, Egnace and their deceased children are buried at family plot Palisado Cemetery, Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT. It is said that Egnace's father came to America a couple of times to work but returned to his own country. We have no info on Egnace's family. There is an Edward Palifka listed on the "1872 Foreign Born Voters of California" which I haven't sent for information yet. Eva sponsored her niece (Hanya?) Anna Zuraw to come over from Lukowa, Poland in 1939. Anna had a husband & two children in Poland. Eva's nephew John Zurat, b: 27 Apr 1913 d: 27 Dec 1992, Stottville, NY, m: Mary in 1979, resident of Buck Run, Sch. Co., PA, worked for: B & M Req(?) Ash Coal Co, Father: Steve ZURAT, Mother: Julia Semko. Odd bit of info I have - hopefully someone knows the missing link: "Andrew Zuraw 26years old born Austria & resides New Britain, CT son of John Zuraw & Katie Barnok married 13 October 1906 Ora Stok 21years old born Austria daughter of George Stok & Eva Ceopka." Thank You. Vosit our web site at
email: Kelly (Palifka) Lindsey - - Posted 27 December 2000

Researching: HANZEL
I am looking for a relative, my uncle from Bratislavia Miroslav Hanzel.
email: Annie Hanzel - Yoyicam_2000@YAHOO.COM - Posted 26 December 2000

Martin John Hybl was born on Jan. 27 1896 in Moravia. He was married to Barbara Jedlicka in the United States. I was wondering if anyone has any information on him. I was wondering if anyone has information on Rose Josephine Cada. I have no clue who her parents are. She was born on May 1st 1893 in Czechoslovokia. She was married to Stephen Frank Bohm on Aug 1st 1912 in New Lisbon Wisconsin.
email: - - Posted 26 December 2000

I am looking for family information on my great-grandfather and great-grandmother who were Slovaks from what was then the Austro-Hungarian empire. I believe they were married before arriving in the United States in the 19th century. He was John Christopher or John Kristofek (my mother once said she thought the slovak name was anglicised to Christopher by immigration agents). She was Anna Seman. Their daughter Elizabeth Christopher (my grandmother) was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA on Feb 9, 1890. They moved in time to Sand Coulee, Cascade County, Montana, U.S.A. where he worked in the coal mines and came to be the owner of a bar. Other children were: John J. Christopher, Joseph Christopher (killed in action in France in 1919 as an infantryman with the American Expeditionary Forces), Andrew Christopher, Katie Christopher, and Susan Christopher. I know that my grandmother Elizabeth did have some correspondence with relatives in "the old country" back in the 50's still.
email: - - Posted 26 December 2000

I am fairly new at this, but I have been looking for any information concerning the last names Korson, Houdek, or Roubal. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Ann Morgan - - Posted 26 December 2000

I am looking for information on Dzurica, Kostur, Kanyuck, and Kanuch. John Dzurica and Maria Kostur were born in Austria, Hungary in 1871 and 1872 respectively, married in Nemaovec on May 3, 1892. The family moved to Vagaes in Sariska, Stolica. They settled in Nanticoke, PA. They had 4 children John(1893), Mary (July 12,1897) who married John Kanyuck, Ann Dzurica Ponko Sokach (1899) and George (1905). I am trying to find info on John Kanyuck who married Mary Dzurica. John was apparently born in Nanticoke, PA, USA, on Aug 30,1886. His parents were Steven Kanyuck and Anna Chapura. John had 2 siblings George and Andrew. I think they were spelling Kanyuck as Kanuch at the time. We know nothing on John's parents. We would love any info that anyone can provide. Also if anyone has any info on John Dzurica who was born Feb 2, 1871 in Pitrovec and came to America in 1893 or Maria Kostur born March 4, 1872 in Vagaes and came to America in 1894. They would be my great,great grandparents. I am putting a family tree together and would love to go back farther. I would be greatful for any info that anyone can provide. Also if Connie Havir reads this, I tried to respond to your submissions reguarding wanting info on Kanyuchs that settled in Nanticoke, PA. I would love to talk to you about this. I am looking for info on Ann Dzurica Ponko Sokach. She was born in 1899 in I think Nanticoke, PA. She died in october 1992. Her parents were John Dzurica and Mary(Maria) Kostur from Austria Hungary and Sariska, Stolica. Ann had 3 siblings, John, Mary Dzurica Kanuch(Kanyuck), and George. Ann's first marriage was to Frederick K Ponko who died in 1924 in a carpentery accident. They had 3 children, Fred Coleman Ponko, Ruth Ponko Wright, and Frieda Ponko. Ann later married John Sokach. Ann would be my grandfather's great aunt. I would love to know if any of John's relatives are still alive. Any info that anyone can provide would be wonderful!
email: Melissa Kanyuck - - Posted 26 December 2000

Searching for information on Uhal / Uchal family. Would like to know if this is Slovakian or Carpatho-Rusyn. Any material would be appreciated. Need help in researching surname Stasicha.
email: Mary Ann Uhal - - Posted 26 December 2000

Looking for information regarding the following: Majni from Kosice and Lubotin. Laupal from Bolzse. Hajzer from Bolzse. Fedor from Kavecsany.
email: Edward W. Majni - - Posted 26 December 2000

My great grandfather, Joseph Husvar/Huzvar who married Catherine Woskowich in Poproc probably around 1870. They emigrated to the United States not too long after that. Known children were Emery, Vincent, and my grandmother Pauline.
email: - - Posted 26 December 2000

Researching: KUBICA
I am trying to do some research on my grandfather, Rudolf Kubica. He came to Chicago, Illinois around 1912, with his brother Andrew. I believe they were from Povazany, Slovakia. We understand that several siblings reminded there. If anyone can share some information on this with me, I would greatly appreciate it.
email: Lee Kubica - - Posted 26 December 2000

My grandfather was one of eight children borne to John Stefura and Mary Fitzula (or Ficula) and lived in Posada-Jasliska of modern Poland. My grandmother was one of nine borne to Hrehory Macek and Katerina Puchkar. Katerina had eight brothers and sisters and her parents were Yatzka Puchkar and Pauline Hawrylak. I am looking for information dating further back or some distance family. The towns I'm looking to explore for my names are Tylawa, Zyndranowa and Posada-Jasliska, all are in modern Poland.
email: - - Posted 26 December 2000

Researching: MAJERCIK
We are looking for any information any one has come across regarding the Majercik name and town of Banovce nad Brebavou. Family was in the area until very early 1900's. Thanks in advance.
email: - - Posted 26 December 2000

I am searching for information regarding my father's ancestry. He is Peter Paul Cifranick III born in 1933. His father Peter Paul Cifranick II (1896-1963) married Leona Zajac Cifranick (1900-1964). His grandfather, Peter Paul Cifranic (1860-1904) married Anna Sabol Cifranic (1864-1948). Leona's parents were John Zajac (died 1945) and Anna Rusnak (died 1939). They were believed to be from Lintz, Austria. All of the above lived, worked, and raised families in western and around Pittsburgh and Erie. Any information would be greatly appreciated...I'm just getting started! Thanks.
email: Karen Cifranick - - Posted 26 December 2000

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