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The SLRP associates want you to be a part of our Database !

Because the SLRP was organized primarily to be a known data storage center your lineage chart is necessary before any feedback can be expected. Your chart should be directed to that particular County correspondent among the SLRP associates.

For those hesitant there are two SLRP booklets to first understand the capabilities of the SLRP net work. To relate historic counties of old in Slovakia one booklet contains 56 columns published by the SLRP covering these 20 counties. This book can be purchased by mail for $ 10.00. The other book contains the database of over 3000 previous submitters to the SLRP. The Database book sells for $12.00. Add a $2.00 shipping charge per order.

Make checks payable to:

Joseph J. Hornack , SLRP Founder/Director
P.O. Box 31831
Cleveland, OH 44131-0831
Questions fax: (216) 642-8954

To have your information added to the database and receive further information about submissions that match names you are working on, we need to have a lineage chart. This is a standard ancestor chart showing the line from you back to your immigrant ancestor.

If you need a blank SLRP lineage chart, you can request that from us by email and he will send it to you. Please be sure to include your snail mail address. His email address is: jhornack@rampant.com

Once we have the lineage chart from you, we will add the information to the database and we can put you in touch with other submitters of surnames you are researching. The reason for this is to ensure the continued growth of our database as well as to provide a research tool.



The SLRP Saris Zupa update published in the January 6th, 1999 of Jednota

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Krakovany / Straze Section Copyright 1998 - Joseph J. Hornack, Independence Ohio: Nitra county Husband and father of six grown children. His paternal grandparents immigrated to America in 1905 from Krakovany, Nitra County. In 1983 he visited Slovakia, Krakovany, for the first time; later escorting tour groups in 1990, 1992, 1994 and 1997. In 1986, he founded the Slovakia Surname Location Reference Project (SLRP); he directed in 1991 its expansion to include County Associates publishing columns and logging lineage submitted. Two SLRP booklets have been produced: a book of compiled Columns published in the ongoing series, and the other, the Database alphabetical by surname and by location submitted. He remains active in Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities, Inc. (CBSC) since its formation in 1991; members dedicated to the exchange of cultural and commercial strengths.

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