Czech Republic Bohemia and Moravia

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Researching: FICHTINGER
Moravia and related areas, the surname Fichtinger from the village of Erdberg.
email: Eugene LeRoy - - Posted 30 November 1998

Researching: KAPERAK, HYZAK
Kaperak family or Hyzak family. I was told my grandfather came from the same town Hitler came from, but don't know the name. Uncle George said Bye-o-wah-gish,and aunt Mary said Barovice. Can anyone help? Are there any Kaperaks left in either town.
email: Ed and Joan - - Posted 30 November 1998

I am looking for any information on Jan Vitu b. 1845 Bezdecin,d. 1896 and Rosalie Nechvatilova b. 1854 Nova Buchova, d.1934. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.
email: Cynthia - - Posted 30 November 1998

Researching: FOUKAL
Looking for the surname Foukal in Bohemia. Any information appreciated. Thanks in advance.
email: Dale Clarkston - - Posted 30 November 1998

Researching: HAJEK
Researching any info. on my Dad's Family Czech ancestors or "Cuz: here in USA. Frank Hajek b Jan, 11, 1888 @ Hovzie, CR. Landed in Galveston, TX on June 6. 1914 from the German Ship "Cassel" He died @ Amarillo, TX.Oct. 8, 1956. Buried @ Wellington, Tx.
email: - - Posted 30 November 1998

I'm trying to trace information on my ancestors/relatives. My Grandfather, Rudolph P. Basta (Born 2/2/1881 - died 12/18/52); married Frances Sedlacek. My grandfather's father was Frank Basta (b 1849, d 1905), he married Mary Buckacek in Hostar, Frysava, Czechoslovakia. They had five children: Frank, Joseph, Mary, Emily (married Carl Goucher in USA resided in Omaha), and my Grandfather. Frank and Mary Basta came to USA, 1st to Minnesota, then homesteaded 160 acres in Colfax County, Clarkson, Nebraska. My Grandmother was born to Frantiska Sedlacek in Hostar (maybe its Hostak) Catholic parish of Vladislos, county of Hrabicsky, province of Jihlovsky, Moravia. Please pardon any and all misspellings.
email: - - Posted 29 November 1998

Researching: LACHE
I am looking for birth records of my father. He was born in Donnis Austria-Hungry on June 25-26 1892 any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Roy Lache - - Posted 29 November 1998

Researching: SMILOVIC
My grandmother who is still living, was born in Mukacevo. Her maiden name was Rifcu Smilovic. She came from a large family with many brothers and sisters; Paulda, Heidi, Rosenca, Florca, Artur. Their father who was a religious Jewish man owned a market/bar in town. They were forced out during World War II and were sent to Auschwitz. If anyone knows this family from Mukac or Mizrahi, please let me know, so that I can tell my grandmother.
email: Daniel Karsevar - - Posted 29 November 1998

Am interested in contacting anyone with connections to the Burval surname. I have done extensive research (from 1600's-present day) on two Burval families, one consisting of a Moravian group from the area around Nove Misto nad Moravia and one consisting of a Bohemian group from the area around Chrudim in Bohemia. Am also looking for the home location of Josef Hubert (1829-1902). All I know is that he and his family immigrated to the United States from their farm in the Pisek area of Bohemia in 1887. His wife was Mary Krejci (1850-1925). His children were Frank( 1869), Anna (1872), John K (1874), Mae (1879), Rose (1883), and Tillie (1885). Desperately need a lead on the village they lived in or near before coming to the USA in order to located Czech vital records. Any information would be appreciated.
email: Joseph Burval - - Posted 29 November 1998

These names are all found in the Bischofteinitz region of Bohemia (currently Czech Republic). They were found in the villages of Berg, Gramatin, Hoslau, Linz, Natschetin, Schiffernau, Schilligkau, Trohatin, Wasserau, Wistersitz, Wottowa, and Zeissermuhl. If you have any information on these families, let me know. Thanks.
email: Michael E. Komorowski - - Posted 29 November 1998

Researching Velik (Wellik), Ptacek, Urich, and Hejlik. I am searching for my G-G-grands , last known residence Iowa. I know very little about them. Joseph Velik married Petronella Ptacek, son Henery Joseph b.12-16-1891 and other children Christina, Delia, Anna, Joseph, Jilji, Frank, Bettina, Mary, and Louisa. Frank Urich married Mary Hejlik - daughter. Helen Alice other children Charles, Louis, Edward, George, Anton, Joseph, Paul. Henery changed name to Wellik, and married Helen possibly in 1916, their children, (all non-living) George, Leona*, Irene, and two other daughters still living. Other names marriages: Hrubes, Psotka, Rayhons, Urba. I am trying to find when they emmigrated ,what port, and mostly their village or region of origin. Any help would be wonderful, even direction to where to look. Thank you all,
email: Janette - - Posted 28 November 1998

Researching: REICHA, VANEK
Matthias Reicha lived in the village of Belejsove around 1864. He has a son, Wencel who supposed to have married Elizabeth Vanek on Febv 1 1864. His wife's name was Anna.
email: - - Posted 28 November 1998

Researching: HYRMAN
Looking for information about Josef Hyrman born in the 1800's in Bohemia. Please contact me or my sister.
email: Rose Hyrman - - Posted 28 November 1998

Looking for information about Haberman (Habrman), Stangler, Braulik, Shimpach. Great-great-grandparents Wencl Haberman and Rosie Stangler and great-grandparents Wencl J. Haberman and Theresa Braulik plus members of their families left the Ceska Trebova region and settled in Steele County, MN USA in 1871. Grandmother, Katherine Shimpach left the Prague region in 1893 as a child with her family. Any information about these and other family members would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
email: John Haberman - - Posted 28 November 1998

I am searching for others having roots in communities found in my Maternal lineage. Kozak from Poderiste near Netolice, Bohemia. Stanek from Poderiste near Netolice. Jilek from Poderiste near Netolice. Wagner from Nemcice. Zofka from Pisek near Pisek, Bohemia, Taraba from Cerhonice near Pisek, Bohemia.
email: Joseph J. Hornack - - Posted 28 November 1998

Would like to find family related to Matej Birka, b. 20 May 1842 in Liblin, Rokycany, Zapadocesky, Bohemia. Matej Nemecek, b 02 Feb 1855 in Visnova, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihocesky. Bohemia. Frantisek Dekanovsky, b. 02 Nov. 1856 in Salacova Lhota, Phlhrimov, Jihocesky, Bohemia. Vojtech Soul, b. Nov 1843 in Sousedovice, Stakonice, Jihocesky, Bohemia. Marie Anna Chudomelka (father Josef Mathias) b. 29 Jan 1813 in Trebejice, Tabor, Jihocesky, Bohemia. Anna Nedbal (father Jan) b. 23 Feb. 1818 in Liblin, Rokycany, Zapadocesky, Bohemia. Marie Anna Filip (father Lukas) b. abt. 1761 in Lhotka or Lzin, Bohemia.
email: Carl Nemecek - - Posted 27 November 1998

My grandfatherwas born in Bohemia on 11/27/1877. His name is Josef M Dufek and has many relatives yet in the region. My grandmother's name is Anna Poyer born in Bohemia on 7/22/1884. Names on family tree - Peter Planek /Anna Planekova / Agnes Planekova / Marketa Planekova / Jirina Pabianova / Miluse Pabianova / Josef Pabian / Mirek Schreinerova / Jana Schreinerova / Jaroslav Felix born 3 17 29 married 12/01/51.
email: D.T.Dufek - - Posted 27 November 1998

Researching: TOMESEK
I am searching for My ancestry. I know I am Czech, but that is all. Our last name is Tomesek.
email: Sherri Tomesek - - Posted 27 November 1998

Researching: ZISCHKA
I am looking for information about the Zischka family, who lived in Moravia (Maehren) in the late 1800s. The name of the town was (as nearly as I know) is Leschkau (German spelling) and/or Leskova (Czech spelling) (I think near Budweis or Pilsen). Apparently the father (my great-grandfather) was the head gardener for a lord or nobleman of the village. My grandmother Valerie (bn. 1897), her sisters Ella, Paula and Mitzi, moved to Vienna around 1909-10. Some of the family stayed in Leschkau and came to Vienna later. Any assistance would be welcomed (esp. regarding the town; I am doing a map search at this time).
email: Kira Henschel - - Posted 27 November 1998

Researching: MACO, MACKO
Looking for Stephen Maco, b. Aug. 20 1853, in A-H, came to USA with daughter Mary Helen Maco b. Jan 8, 1882. Possibley from a city called Bosovce or Boskovice north of Brno in Czech. Rep. believed to arrived in USA about 1892 -1900. another spelling of surname was Macko.
email: David Adamczyk - - Posted 27 November 1998

Researching: KAUNITZ, KOUNIC
The Kaunitz (Kounic) family was prominent in the Brno area, with principal residence in Slavkov. I am looking for anyone whom might know why those with the Kaunitz surname are both Christian and Jewish, and any relation to the Moravian villages Dolni Kounice and Horni Kounice.
email: Jonathan D. Kaunitz, M.D. - - Posted 26 November 1998

Researching: REISS
Researching Reiss from the village/town of Saaz (which is the German spelling) and Zatec is the Czech spelling.
email: Frank Reiss - - Posted 26 November 1998

I am looking for any information on Jozef Bartos (alternate spelling: Joseph Bartosh or Bartosch), born 1875 in Zelezna (near Beroun), Bohemia. His father was Frantisek Bartos, his mother was Antonie Novotna. Abt. 1886 the family moved to Ludina (Croatia). Jozef emigrated to the USA between 1900-1920. I don't know the exact date of his arrival neither the port of entry. Place of destination was likely Cleveland, Ohio. Thanks for help.
email: Alena Bartosova - - Posted 26 November 1998

Researching: OPATRNY
Looking for information on Opatrny family that settled in southern Ohio in or near cities of St. Clairsville or Bellaire around 1900-to 1904. Came from a small town near Praque. Had two children in Czech Republic and 4 in USA. Thank you,
email: Jim Opatrny - - Posted 26 November 1998

Researching: ECKSTEIN, KEIM
Eckstein of Sidlakov (ger. Schilligkau) and Keim of Nova Domky (ger. Neuhusl).
email: Dan Eckstein - - Posted 26 November 1998

Researching: BERNKLAU
Researching Bernklau name from Lohowtschitz, Stankov, Bohemia.
email: Betty Plombon - - Posted 25 November 1998

Researching: MAKSIN
Looking for relatives of Andrew Maksin, 1898-1984, from Czech Republic.
email: - - Posted 25 November 1998

Researching: LUTHER
Martin Luther was born 11 November 1874 in Austria now Czechoslovakia He came with his parents in 1900 or 1901. May have had at least one sister names "Egit" that came to America too. Martin's parents were John and Mary Luther. Can I find any information about these people?? Can I find out any names of relatives at this time parents, sisters, aunts, uncles?
email: Nancy Luther - - Posted 25 November 1998

Researching: MERTH, OBENHAUS
I'm looking for any records for Merth (Ralph Ignatius) born in Bohemia and Died there April 27, 1884. and Theresa Obenhaus Merth Born and Died in Bohemia March 13, 1882. I am trying to back track the family from this point. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
email: Cindy Socko - - Posted 25 November 1998

Researching: RUZICKA, HRUSKA
I am searching for information on Joseph or Josef Ruzicka born October 9, 1843 in Bohemia, possibly in Syrakovice. Also for his son, Frank J Ruzicka born January 16, 1868, also in Bohemia. Also searching for information on Emma Hruska born February 4, 1891 in Prauge.
email: - - Posted 25 November 1998

Researching: HRUSKA
I am just beginning my search on my Hruska ancestors. I would appreciate any help.
email: Cindy Twardzik - - Posted 24 November 1998

Researching: SPIREK
Can you help me find the origin and ancestry of the Spirek name? It has been said that we came from the Bohemia/Moravia areas of what is now the Czech Republic. Thanks for any help!
email: David Roy Spirek - - Posted 24 November 1998

Researching: PICH, PICK, PICKS
Researching the line of Joseph "Joe" Pich and Barbara (?) Pich, the parents of Katherine Terese Pich, John Pich, and Marie Pich. (Their name was alternately spelled "Pick/Picks" on various documents.). The family moved from Bohemia, through the eastern U.S. and settled in Burns, Harney County, Oregon, prior to 1915. Katherine is listed as having been born in Ostra Lhots in Bohemia. If you have any further info or would like info on the above people, please contact me.
email: Lisa Hayashi - - Posted 24 November 1998

Researching: BELIK, BEELIK
I'm searching for possible relatives with the surname of Belik or Beelik.
email: - - Posted 24 November 1998

Researching: KOLARCIK
Am seeking information about Emilia Kolarcik, born Nov. 21, 1902 in Zilina, Czechoslovakia. She came to America in 1921.
email: - - Posted 24 November 1998

I am told that Franz Gottstein was from Bohemia. He was born abt 1840-50. He came to the USA with his family in 187?. But it is believed that he and his wife Auguste Henrick b. Alsace -Lorraine? first went to Gelsenkirchen in Germany where four of their children, Anna, Bertha, Herman, Clara were born.
email: June Nessler - - Posted 23 November 1998

Researching: MORAVEC
Looking for info on the name Moravec and the place Moravic.
email: - - Posted 23 November 1998

Simerskey family in Houston Texas looking for other Simerskey's or Semersky's. Also would appreciate any help finding out where the family is from. All we know is that 1st Simerskey's came to America in or around 1898 and were supposed to be from Bohemia. Branches in Houston, San Antonio, Converse, and Chicago and Illinois are related. great-great grandfather's were brothers. Any help from anywhere would be wonderful!
email: Michael M. Simerskey - - Posted 23 November 1998

Researching: SEMERAD
Tell me a little more about the Semerad family.
email: Ron Semerad - - Posted 23 November 1998

I have three lines I'm trying to track: Jan Misoun b. 1856 in Caslau, Bohemia; m. Mary Drbal, b 10/1857, Caslau, emigrated to Chicago pre 1888. Anton Pleticha, b. 6/1850, Pribram; m. Marie Vancura, b. 9/1850 Bohemia, emigrated to Chicago post 1876 Joseph Novotny, b. 2/6/1857, Brno; m. Frances Tichy, b. 10/1857, Bohemia, emigrated pre-1879 to Chicago. The above are my great-grandparents. I have much information on their descendants--nearly nothing on their ancestors. Will be glad to provide any info I have to anyone with a link. Thanks!
email: Barbara Marshall - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: MATAL
Looking for Matal of the village Schonwald.
email: Harold Matal - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: MEIXNER
Seeking historical information on Franz and Rosalia Meixner of Tattenitz (Tatenice) both born 1804. Emigrated with five sons in 1853 to Wisconsin, USA.
email: - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: BUJNOCH
How does one get direct communication with Czech Republic village of Zdanice near Brno? Ancestors and descendants from this village. Need name of Catholic Church or village head administrator. Your data on Internet very helpful. Can you offer suggestion or advice to continue genealogy?
email: A J Bujnoch - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: MEEKO, HAAS
Nazdrovye! My name is Karen Haas Gavura, daughter of Helen Meeko Haas, daughter of John and Mary Meeko. Grandpop John was originally from a village outside of Prague. He and Grammy moved to the US around 1917. They had 9 children, only the first of which was born in Czech. The remaining 8 were born in Pennsylvania. Any help on tracing Meeko's will be appreciated.
email: Karen & Mike Gavura - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: PATER
Looking for location of Zuckmantel and information on Anton Pater. Thanks!
email: - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: BENKO
Researching Benko family from Pisek. Andrew immigrated to US in 1915 approx. Agnes married a German. Annie also married a German at around the turn of the century. Interested in info on Agnes or Annie.
email: Marvin Eaves - - Posted 22 November 1998

I have been researching my father's side of the family with little to go on. I have information on Frank J. Prasek, son of Joseph and Barbara Prasek. I have had research done in Czechoslovakia on both the Prasek and Kovarcik name (Frank J. Prasek married Pauline Kovarcik). I was able to obtain information on five generations of Kovarciks located in Sobotiste, but nothing was found at all on the Prasek side. Frank J. Prasek was born in Chicago, Illinois, but is said to have a Czech heritage. If anyone else is searching out the Prasek or Kovarcik name, I would be happy to share information. Thanks!
email: - - Posted 22 November 1998

I am researching Smejkal, Boresh, Hlavin, Kotrdlik, and Rosenkranz. Smejkal emigrate in 1902 from Hostomicich, Bohemia, sailing from Bremen, Germany on the ship Hemnie to New York N.Y.
email: Donald Smejkal - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: BELINA
Looking for any records of Adeline Belina, born 5 Aug 1870, in Bohemia. She could possibly be from the Litomysl area, and even the village of Dlouha Trebova. Addie's marriage record says her parents names are Frank & Anna Belina. The first records I have of her in the USA is her marriage announcement in Stanford, Montana, 5 Feb 1890. She had two sisters, Anna BELINA Antl (from Owatonna, MN), & Rosie Belina Lugar (from Everett Co., ND). I do not know of any other siblings. I would greatly appreciate any information & help in finding our Bohemian connections. Thank you.
email: Barbara Panike - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: PUSTKA
I would like for you to add my Pustka name to your list of names. I would also like if you would send me some email about any history that you have of any other Pustka's.
email: Dustin Pustka - - Posted 22 November 1998

Want to communicate with anyone knowing about village of Zdanice near Bbno. My grandfather Frantisek Valouch and family departed Zdanice in early months of year 1891, arrived New York June 1891 and Galveston in October 1891, settled in central Texas. Some ancestors remained in Moravia, Walouch and Mana. Would like name of Roman Catholic Church in Zdanice. Working on a family tree and have many more names from Moravia.
email: Alois Bujnoch - - Posted 22 November 1998

I am interested in the following names - Kaisler - Botek - Macenauer - Schaufus. I am particularly interested in the ancestors of Josef Kaisler 1782-1852 who lived most of his adult life in Uhersky Brod, Moravia, Czech Republic. I am interested in knowing his birth place, his parents and his siblings. I am also interested in any one who is related to or has information about the Botek, Macenauer or Schaufus families. These families lived in Moravia in the 18th and 19th centuries.
email: George Kaisler - - Posted 22 November 1998

Searching for any information on the Volenik and Reichel names who immigrated from Bohemia to Cleveland, Ohio ~1870.
email: - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: CHMELIK
Searching for Frank joseph Chmelik and mother Rosa Chmelik and sister Blanche Chmelik.
email: - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: KACIRKOVA
Researching Kacirkova from Prague.
email: Frank Williams - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: SEVERIN, KRIZ
Our Severin ancestors are from Hlinsko, Chrudim, Bohemia, and the Kriz are from Jablonova.
email: - - Posted 22 November 1998

My maiden name is Kothera. My mothers last name was Marek. My grandfather was John Kothera and my grandmother was Mary Krofta. I believe they were married in Cleveland, Ohio. Most of the Kothera that I know are in the Cleveland area. My father was Carl Paul Kothera, was born in the U.S. His father was John Kothera and that is as far as I have gotten. My grandfather John was married to Mary Krofta. I believe they were married in Cleveland, Ohio. Is a Kothera a common name in Bohemia? I was told that the Kothera's came from Bohemia Prague. Any information I could get would be greatly appreciated.
email: Jean J Petrice - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: PSENCIK
Would like any info from family members in Zadverice. my grandfather was Joe e., nar. Cerva 4, 1893...he had brothers, Charles, Frank, Jan, a sister, Francis. Do know that the Ivicic family came from Hodonin, Hovorany, cz...would want to correspond with anyone from the Czech Republic with the name and/or name. Would like to hear or correspond with anyone in Liptal, my grandfather came to Texas from there.
email: Tim Psencik - - Posted 22 November 1998

Am searching for descendants of Jan and Anna Krenek from Brno. The known facts about their children include: Marie, born 1888, married Lisgel; son Robert, living in Vienna, Austria. Sofie , born 1892. Alois, 1896, sons Erich (1923) and Gerhard (1928) living in Munich. Johanna, 1900, Brummer, in Vienna. Heda, 1902, PACL, daughter Irene Koricansky, in Brno. Paula K. 1907, in Vienna. Stefanie, 1907, in Vienna. Hella, 1909, married Kozenda. Please write. Thank you.
email: Linda - - Posted 22 November 1998

My grandfather was Vaclav Komarek. He also used Wenzel, Wenceslas, and James. According to his naturalization papers he was born in Pisek, Bohemia on April 15, 1855. He and his brother Anton (Born 1857) arrived in New York on June 5, 1880 on the ship Hohenstaufen. Another brother, Carl, had permission to leave Bohemia with them but just before they were to leave the Austrian Government rented his services as a soldier to Great Britain for their farmer's wars in South Africa. The brothers waited almost a year and then had to leave as their permits were expiring. They never heard from him again. On Oct. 25, 1881 James Komarek married, in Cleveland, Ohio, Julia (Josephine) Hlavin, born Jan. 1862 in a village near Prague. Anton married Mary Sisler on Oct. 30, 1883 in Cleveland. Their daughter Mary married Anton Ziska. We believe the Komarek family lived also in Brno and Podoli near Bratislava. A 92 year old uncle stated there were 2 other brothers-Joseph and Peter. They were deceased prior to 1880. I have not found their records or the records of the parents of my grandfather. Can anyone help me?
email: Evelyn H. Oldag Coiro - - Posted 21 November 1998

I'm looking for information about my grandfather Jan/Yan B. 1874 in Southern part of Bohemia. His father was Cenek Zdenek, and his mother was Anna Krulis. My grandfather immigrated to U.S. (New York Area) prior to 1899. Anyone with information about the Zdenek family please contact me.
email: Helen Stumpf Marinelli - - Posted 21 November 1998

Researching: BOEHM, ZIKA
I am beginning to research the Boehm Family from in and/or around Prague. Frank came to the U.S. in the late 1800's-early 1900's with his wife Mary (Zika) and son James. They lived in Park Falls, Wisonsin, Chicago, Illinois, and Mesick, Michigan. Any information would be deeply appreciated! I am beginning to research my grandmother's family-Zika. Her name was Mary Zika and she came to the U.S. in the late 1800's-early 1900'a with her husband Frank Boehm and their son James. They resided in Park Falls, Wisonsin, Chicago, Illinois, and Mesick, Michigan. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
email: Frank Letherby - - Posted 21 November 1998

Researching: NOVY, MULAC
I am searching for maternal relatives who lived in or around Prague, Bohemia in the 1800s. My grandfather's name was Mathias Novy; his wife's name was Mary Mulac.
email: - - Posted 21 November 1998

Kocmich and/or Kocmick from Bohemia to South Dakota.
email: E. Kocmick - - Posted 21 November 1998

Researching: NAHLIK
We have completed extensive coverage on the Nahlik name since their arrival in St. Louis in the 1850's. However, we are interested in corresponding with anyone with the Nahlik ancestry in the area of Prague, which is where we think the family came from. I understand that there are families with the Nahlik name located in the area of Prague. Anyone interested in communicating with us just email. Can't wait to hear from you.
email: Victor Nahlik - - Posted 21 November 1998

Researching: TURANY
We are searching for connections to the Turany name. Some research indicates some of our family came from an area around Jaronin, in the district of Cesky Krumlov. Any one with information about this area or the Turany name?
email: - - Posted 21 November 1998

I am searching for relatives of Martin and Barbara Krasna Polka. He was born around 1816 and they came to the US about 1870 or 1880 and settled in Iowa. My grandmother Francis Benisek came about the same time, met and married the son of Martin and Barbara.
email: William & Norma Garretson - - Posted 21 November 1998

Researching: BENESH
My Grandfather migrated from Bohemia to Mount Vernon, Iowa. I have been unable to find when he came over and if he came over with anyone. The family was quite closed mouth about him. My Aunt, who recently passed away, did not know the date of his birth or much of anything.
email: Frank Benesh - - Posted 21 November 1998

Researching: PLINER, SUBERA
My Great Grandfather Wencil Pliner was Born in Pilsen, Bohemia Born 7/10/1846 and died in 11/27/1921 Herietta Twp,WI. And my Greatgrandmother was Barbara Subera Born 11/10/1852 Moravea, Bohemia died in 10/27/1931 Fathers name Michael Subera. Any other background infoon them would be help full and were I could find how they came over to the U.S. I'll be watching your update list thanks.
email: Melvin Pliner - - Posted 21 November 1998

I am looking for any information on John Janecek (1827-1886), immigrated to Texas around 1850's, married Amalie Chlubny (1832-1897).
email: Bob Janecek - - Posted 20 November 1998

Researching: KUBENA, KUBINAK
My father is John Kubena. My grandmother and grandfather came from Czechoslavakia and settled in Baytown,Texas. This is right around Houston. I want to find out how common this name is and if it has been changed. I found a listing once that said the original name was Kubinak.
email: Mark Kubena - - Posted 20 November 1998

My grandmother, Mary Harriet Allen Hunt, was born in Cleveland, 10/30/1896, the daughter of Frank Allen and Mary Kriz. Her sisters were Agnes (Peggy) Allen Walsh, Josephine Allen Welsh, and Isabell Allen (Sr. Marie Consolata, a Sister of the Good Shepherd). Mary Harriet married Peter Hunt of Youngstown 6/27/1918 and died in Detroit, Michigan 12/17/1951. My father, John F. Hunt was born in East Cleveland 11/12/23. Mary Kriz, my great grandmother, was born in Cleveland 10/30/1871, daughter of John Kriz and Mary Sechecka/Leheska who emigrated from Bohemia in 1870. Other offspring included Antoinette (Nettie), Frank, John, Allen, James, Anastasia, Stella, and Bertha/Beatrice. Mary Sechecka/Leheska seems to have had a brother, Joseph living with the family in 1880, but I can't verify the relationship. Stella and Anastasia may be the same person. John Kriz was born in Bohemia 9/1844 and died in Ohio 2/19/1923. Mary Sechecka/Leheska was born in Bohemia in 1843 and died in Ohio 4/13/1897. John remarried a woman named Barbara and produced a daughter Emily. Mary Sechecka/ Leheska' s parents were Joseph and Mary. Calvary Cemetery in Cleveland shows two sections devoted to Kriz families. My John and Mary (Marie) Kriz are buried in section 41, lot 333, along with Frank Kriz. Section 13, lot 41-A, includes graves for another John Kriz (DOB 1846, DOD 1922), and Marie Kriz (DOB 1835, DOD 1900), along with Anastasia Kriz (DOB 1879, DOD 1939), and Edward J. Kriz (DOB 1869, DOD 1948). Cleveland 1880 census also lists a Joseph Kriz family living nearby.
email: J. Hunt Kost - - Posted 20 November 1998

Researching: VASICEK, DUBA
Jacob Vasicek and Mary Duba (daughter of Anna b 1816) came from Opatav to Grant county Wi.(1867) with a possible brother, Wensil. Jacob went on to SD in 1881. We have no information as to what happened to Wensil. Children married Zeman, Novak, Wodreaska. I am trying to link to the Jan Vasicek family from that area.
email: Nancy Russell - - Posted 20 November 1998

Researching: FILIPIAK
I am looking for the children of Jan Filipiak. The family originated in Zubracze along the Solinka River. Jan Filipiak escaped from that region in 1940 and never saw his children again. Jan Filipiak was born in 1908 in Zubracze. I assume the family was moved from the region shortly after he escaped. He went to Scotland , then to the U.S. I am his step- granddaughter. He married my grandmother.
email: Andrea Innes-Michailov - - Posted 20 November 1998

Looking for Joseph Lomica and Mary Kovar family from House # 106 at Zadverich Moravia. I am also looking for the location of records. Many are missing from the archives. The son, John, came to Ord Ne to be with Aunt Mary Zurek and then on to St. Louis. Sister Rose Lomica and cousin Frank may have come with him.
email: Nancy Russell - - Posted 19 November 1998

I am looking for Information about Josef Kaisler - 1782-1852. He spent his adult life in Uhersky Brod, Moravia, Czech Republic, He died and was buried in Uhersky Brod and his descendants live there. I don't know where Josef was born or where he spent his youth. I am anxious to get that information so I can trace my family tree further back in time. Josef was married to Frantiska Hoffman 1785-1843. She lived her entire adult life in Uhersky Brod. I would like information about her family. I do have complete information about the descendants of Josef Kaisler both in Moravia, Czech Republic and the United States.
email: George Kaisler - - Posted 19 November 1998

My grandfather, John Parkos, had the following Bohemian ancestors: Jon Parkos and Theresa Bicek first came to America to Chicago about 1873, then moved to Wheatland, MN around 1876. They had a son, Joseph, my great grandfather. Theresa Bicek was the daughter of Martina Bicek and Rosalie Stastny from Budejovice, Bohemia. They went to Chicago around 1879. Theresa had a sister named Katerina who married Vaclav (James) Parkos (presumed to be a brother to Jon Parkos). Vaclav and Katerina also were in MN. My great grandfather, Joseph Parkos, married Christina Shankey (born Senkyr), daughter of Jacob Senkyr and Frantiska Vavra. Jacob and Frantiska came to America around 1880 and settled in St. Patrick, MN. I am looking for anyone with knowledge of ancestral information on any of the families mentioned.
email: Barry J. Tungland - - Posted 19 November 1998

I am researching Neckar, Frantisk b.26, Nov.1875. Franz's wife was Barbara Mikounda?, b. 28 March 1875, dau. of Jakob Mikounda and Maria Roulek. Frantisk mar. Barbara in Vienna, 10, dec 1899 (book of the Evangelica church reg. Vienna 1899, pg. 255,#99, name of pastor Theol C. Arta). I have original documents and am not positive on all translations as one page is written in Hungarian. Any info would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 19 November 1998

Researching the above surnames from Bohemia region, Prague. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
email: Carolyn Carter - - Posted 19 November 1998

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