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Researching: SYNEK
Am looking for information on relatives of Josef Synek b. October 14, 1870 in Prostejov (Prossnitz). I understand that it is in Moravia near Zlin and Olomouc. Any information is greatly appreicated. He was my grandfather and emigrated to US in probably the early to mid 1800's.
email: - - Posted 31 July 1998

Researching: VYHLIDAL
My grandmothers name was Vyhlidal. I'm not sure of the village, but was referred to as the Moravian gate. Would appreciate any info. Thanks.
email: Gary A. Orrel - - Posted 31 July 1998

Researching: DRTINA
Searching for information about the surname Drtina in the Moravia area. My great grandfather was named Franz Josef Drtina born in 1875 and came from an area north of the city Brno. Any information most wanted. Thanks in advance.
email: - - Posted 31 July 1998

I live in Mexico City. My grandmother family name was Dvoraksek, she born in Austria-Hungary in the Banat region in 1905, her father was Joseph Dvorcsek and her grandfather was from Boehmia his name was Johen Dvoracsek, her wife was Maria Ftachek, I do not know when do they moved from Boehmia to Banat. But my guess that it was in in 1870. My grandmother told me that Johen Dvoracsek was a tailor in Bohemia. As you probably now Banat was anexed to Romania after the first World War, My grand mother emigrated to Mexico in 1920, and here she raised a big family. Two of my grandmother's brothers remained in Banat and eventualy they moved to Germany, one of them is still alive his name is Franz Dvoracsek he lives in Worms near Frankfurt. the other one is Joseph that lived in Landshut near Munchen. And one sister(Barbara) and a brother (Anton) they moved to USA, Chicago and Florida. My understanding is that the Dvorak and Dvoracsek names are the same, maybe I am wrong. I will be more than happy if you have some information regarding those names.
email: David Escalante - - Posted 31 July 1998

Researching: WOLARIK
I would like to talk with anyone with the Wolarik surname.
email: Paul Wolarik - - Posted 31 July 1998

Researching: CERMAK, JIRAVA
Maybe you are a cousin!. My grandfather, Frank Cermak was born in Cleveland, Ohio Feb 5, 1879. He had 4 siblings: Anton born in Bohemia in 1861, Charles born in Bohemia in 1864, Anna born in Bohemia in 1866, and Vaslav born in Cleveland on Nov 20, 1877. Their parents were Charles Cermak born in Sloakovic, Bohemia 1835 and Marie Jirava Cermak born Loeky, Bohemia 1838. At least one of my granfather's brothers had two sons. If you have any information I would like to hear from you. Thank you.
email: Marie Cermak Overman - - Posted 30 July 1998

I'm looking for info on the following: Popelka, Supita, and Moha. All I have is as follows: Josef Supita was born 8/7/1871 in Czechoslovakia and died 2/10/60. He was married to Mary Popelka who was born 12/24/1882 in Czechoslovakia and died 11/20/1920. Both are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Green Bay Wisconsin. Both immigrated to the United States in 1906. They had 6 children. Joseph, Charlie, Ann, Mary, Adolph, and Johnnie. The only info on the family Moha is that the name had been changed to Moha possibly from Mucha (not sure) John Moha was born in Czechoslovakia but I'm not sure when. He was my great grandfather. He was married to Eugenia Lizotte who was French Canadian. They had 5 children, John, Jim, Mary Katharine, Janette, and Dorothy. Any info would be helpful,thank you.
email: - - Posted 30 July 1998

Researching: GLICKE
Gussie Glicke immigrated to US before 1915.
email: Tom Trivers - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: KOSTAL
Would appreciate information on Kostal family of Pisek. Josef Kostal was born in Pisek in 1852, emigrated to the United States in 1870. He is my great-grandfather. I am planning a trip to the Czech Republic in November of this year and would like to meet my relatives if possible.
email: Rosemary Rendek - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: GROTTE
Looking for information regarding Selig Grotte, born around 1860 and emigrating to the US around 1885. The surname Grotte is associated with Grottau/Hradek nad Nisou but I do not know if he actually lived there. Thanks for any information.
email: Jeffrey H. Grotte - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: VACHA, BRUHA
I would like to find info on Josef Vacha. He emmigrated to New York in November of 1892 with Wenzl and Antonie (Mastik) Elian and their son Frank. They left from Bremen on the SS Herman. Josef was born in Temelinec N. Tyn on August 24, 1873. He was living in Janovic N. Uhl when he left for America. He left behind his mother Anna (Bruha) Vacha, his father Frantisek Vacha, his brother Voticek who owned a pipe shop and later became burgermeister, and his brother Frantisek who became a priest. He had an uncle who was a vicar in the church. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Blanche Craton - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: MINAR
I'm trying to find more information about my great-grandmother's village. I lack the name, but know that it was just south of Prague. Her mother remained behind when Mary Ann (Marie Anna?) came to the U.S. Pittsburgh region) in 1890. Also searching for info. on village life in middle and late 1800's. Please e-mail with any info.
email: Marta Rynearson - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: SANDOR
I am a Sandor through my paternal grandfather, immigration circa early 20th century I think). I don't have the village information handy (I found the village on a pre-WWI map but not after) but remember that the village was in what is today the Czech Republic. If you're interested, I can get you more information. The family immigrated to Akron, Ohio and today is still concentrated in Ohio.
email: Laurel Sandor - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: HADINEK
Do you have any information regarding Hadinek family in Bohemia or Prague now or during last century?
email: - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: MAZUREK
If you could provide me with a family history of the Mazurek name.
email: - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: DURKOS
I am interested in searching the name Durkos from Kolbovsc. Searching for relatives of Jurgi (George) and Michael who immigrated through Ellis Island in late 1870's or 80's and settled in New York and eventually Clifton, New Jersey. One grandson my father, Harold, (1919-1978) moved to Maryland.
email: Linda Durkos - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: HERBACH
Searching for siblings and ancestors of Annie Catherine Herback born 1857 Shwano, Wisconsin; died 1898 in Prescott, Arizona. Father, name unknown, born in Bohemia. Mother unknown. Spouse Rudolph Stepan born 1867 Kewaunee, Wisconsin, children Henry born 1890, Carrie born 1892, Bonita born 1893, and Genevieve born 1895.
email: - - Posted 29 July 1998

Stepan (Possibly Stepanic in earlier spelling.) Searching for siblings and ancestors of Vincent Srepan born about 1816 in Slavetin, Bohemia; died about 1890 in Wisconsin. His spouse was Barbara, last name unknown, born about 1820 in Slavetin, Bohemia. A son named Rudolph was born 1867 in Kewaunee, Wisconsin; died 1898 in Prescott, Arizona. Rudolph's spouse was Annie Catherine Herback born 1867 Shwano, Wisconsin; died 1937 in Bay Harbor Florida. Their children were Henry Stepan born 1870 Michigan(?), Carrie born 1892 Wisconsin, Bonita born either Wisconsin or California 1893, and Genevieve (my mother) born San Jose, California 1895.
email: - - Posted 28 July 1998

My great grandparents were George Kresanek and Elisabeth Simek. Possibly married in Brezova in 1863. I have some written documentation written in German. Looks like a Lutheran Church but not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: HADINEK
Please add Hadinek of Bohemia to the list of surnames being researched.
email: - - Posted 28 July 1998

Looking for information on Novotny or Dubosinki.
email: Rosemary Nowotny - - Posted 28 July 1998

Villages of interest: Lichtovice or Lichtovitz or Lichtovoice or Lichtowitz of Litochovice not sure of which spelling is correct. Ancestor's names: Joseph Penc, born 1869; Antionete Sladek, born 1868 in Prague; Joseph Kolar, born 1848; Josephine VonDracek, born 1852.
email: Wally Pence - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching Handlir(ova) in Lisov, CR. Marie Handlirova born 1856 in Lisov. Mother's name Maria Slepecka. Father's name Tomas Handlir. Married first husband William Snizek. Arrived in New York City approx 1885-6. Trouble finding any records in Lisov. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
email: Jerry Forman -
Moosie@Flash.Net - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: SHEMO
Looking for any information on the czech name Shemo. My great grandparents emigrated to Eastern Pennsylvania in the late 1800's. Any info on this name will be of great help.
email: - - Posted 28 July 1998

The names that are of interest to me are Pishny, Jilek, and Soucek. From what I know, these families came to the United States in the late 1800's and settled in the Oklahoma area. My great-grandfather's name was Otto Karr Pishny (later changed to Otto J. Pishny). The name that I know of in the Jilek family is Frantiska Jilek. The Souceks are cousins of my grandmother, and I know that two of the surnames were Zeus and Apollo.
email: Amy - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: PESTER
I am researching the family name Pester. They come from Bohemia. They came to settle in Montana,(around St.Helena). I do not know if they changed their last name upon settling in Montana, But any information would be very helpful.
email: Cindy McGinnis - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: KRAUS
Erika Kraus, Napajedla.
email: Tomas Kraus - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: LUEDTKE
I am looking for any information on Johann August Luedtke who was confirmed in Evan Gelische Church in Wissek, Posen in 1864; I would like to know who is parents were and if he had any other sisters or brothers? Any information would be very helpful!
email: Lynny - - Posted 27 July 1998

Researching: KUBALA
Researching Kubala from Moravia. Came to Texas in the 1800's.
email: - - Posted 27 July 1998

My name is Dr. Georg Czedik-Eysenberg. I live in Austria. As far as I know, my ancestor Johann Wenzel Czedik (1794-1892) was born in North Bohemia (Oberleutensdorf, I do not know how the village is called now). His ancestors have lived in Bohemia, too: In Aussig Usti n.L., Krammel, Klostergrab, Istebnic, Karlstein, Sedlcan. I know some living Czedik's (in Hungary, Netherlands, Germany and U.S.A.) and we think, that we are related, but we are not sure. If there is anyone, who thinks, he could be related with me or who knows anything about my ancestors in Bohemia or about any Czedik's still living in the Czech Republic, please send me an E-Mail.
email: Georg Czedik - - Posted 26 July 1998

I am looking for information on the subject families. My great-grandmother Anna Mary Sonka (Shonka) married Antonin Kocourek and immigrated to Hopkins/Kilkenny Minnesota in 1880/1881. Their children were Anna Angela (born in Breznice Bohemia, Charles Edward, Joseph Francis, Anthony George, John (Jack) and Dorothy. All but Anthony immigrated to Canada in the early 1900s. Antonin Kocourek was born on 19 Nov 1857 in #73 Radetice, Region Tabor, Country Bertyne, Empire of Austria, Czech. His parents were Josef Kocourek Jr. (born in Radetice) and Anna Pribyl. Josef Kocourek Jr. was the son of Josef Kocourek Sr. from Radetice and Maria Cizek (Ludomerice). Known siblings of Anna Mary Sonka (Shonka) were Karel (Charles), Frank, Joseph (half-brother), and Jan (Jan married Katerina Stastny ). Anna Mary was born 23 Oct 1857 in #2 Breznice Bohemia, Region Tabor County, Milvesko to Vaclav Sonka and Anna Kadlec. Vaclav Sonka was born 19 Aug 1818 in Breznice (son of Matej Sonka (Breznice) and Katerina Miksova (Mikes)from (Klecaty). Matej Sonka was born abt. 1785 in Breznice #2 and died 20 Feb 1852. His father was Vaclav Sonka. Matej Sonka and Katerina Mikes married 25 Oct 1808 in Zalsi. Katerina Mikes was born abt. 1821 in Klecaty to Josef Mikes and Alzbeta Nestavalova. Anna Kadlec was born 17 Dec 1827 in No. 32 Nuzice. Father was Matej Kadlec from Nuzice (son of Vaclav Kadlec (Nuzice) and Rozalie Cihak (Hvozdany)). Mother was Barbora Chmelova (Chmela) (daughter of Antonin Chmela (Senozaty) and Anna Welek (Radetice).
email: Lois Knaggs - - Posted 26 July 1998

Searching for information on Frantiztka (Frances) Saha b.1884 in Jupe(?) Moravia. Mother is Josephine Svoboda Saha and father Waclaw Saha. Other siblings, Josephine and Marysia Saha. Moved to Strzelce, Poland about 1894. Married Johann Wecera in 1902. Immigrated to the US in 1913 to Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Any infomation is much appreciated.
email: Arlene Golembiewski - - Posted 26 July 1998

Need parents and possible siblings and birthplace of James Horacek and wife Frances Rhubash. Came to USA about 1882. In all US census they state Austria-Bohemia as place of birth.
email: J. Goodrich - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: PIROCHTA
Researching Pirochta. Family origin is Brno area.
email: Frederick Pirochta - - Posted 26 July 1998

My Bohemian ancestors came to Kewaunee county, WI. Grandmother--Barbara Pavlick, dau of Vincent (Vincenz) Pavlick and Mary Sticka. Married Francois (Frank) Teyssier in Casco, Kewaunee, Wi. Found graves of Barbara & parents at Solven, Kewaunee, WI. in Catholic cemetery. Almost all graves in Bohemiam. Only Sticka grave (very old) had newer stone added as Stickey. Found most Sticka graves in Lodge cemetery. Sticka changed to Stika on one branch of family. Came to US about 1853 per census, cannot get them back to the 2 days ox cart journey from Prague (Pavlick) or Pisan. Help appreciated.
email: Barbara Forrest - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: PEKNIK, STIPEK
Researching the family tree Peknik. Looking for relatives or knowledge thereof of my paternal grandfather Joseph Peknik, deceased, formerly of Chicago, husband of Marie Stipek and father of George, Joseph, and Milton, all deceased. Thank you. I am President of
geo@rmi.netEdUSA International LLC.
email: George Peknik - - Posted 26 July 1998

Would you please search Frantisek Zajicek of Breclav, Marie Hakova of Klobouky u Brna, and Rapant of Uherske Hradiste all in Moravia. Thank you.
email: Nina Vallion - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: BAROCH, UHLIK
Researching ancestors Baroch and Uhlik from Bohemia approx 1842-1880. Came to US and lived in Baltimore, Maryland. Thank you.
email: Jean Clayton - - Posted 26 July 1998

I have just learned the birth dates of my maternal grgrgrandparents, and hope that it will enable me to discover information on their parents and birthplace(s) in Bohemia: Elizabeth (Alzbeta) Fencel b. 5 Jly 1821 to Mat and Mary Fencl, Bohemia. d. 16 June 1907, Algoma, WI, m. Matthias Wiesner (some indication that his first name may have been Josef at birth) b. 25 July 1825, Bohemia d. 11 July 1876, Algoma, WI; 2 children born in Bohemia: Anna, (my grgrandmother), and Joseph. Immig. to US in mid 1850's, settled in Ahnapee, now Algoma, WI, where the family name was changed to Wizner, although relatives here kept the original spelling. 3 children born in Algoma: Wencil, John, Gottlieb (Bohumil). Would appreciate any information - will gladly share information I have.
email: Joann Levin - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: TUREK
I am looking for my grandmother, Jennie Turek, from Prague area, born about 1874, to Union City, NJ, USA before 1897. Sisters named Minnie and Barbara.
email: - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: WURTZ, CHROMY
Searching for Ferdinand (Fred) Wurtz believed to have been born in Czechoslovakia May 28 1851, son of Frank and Agnes Wurtz. In U.S.A married Terezie Chromy in 1875 in Tabor South Dakota. Terezie was born in 1855 in Kvitkovice #10, Bohemia. Need any imformation on Ferdinand or this family. Thank You.
email: Robert Brousseau - - Posted 26 July 1998

My surnames that I am interested in are Bernasek, Gabriel, Svoboda, Cech, Cihak, Veverk, and Horkova. My grandparents were Frank Bernasek and Terezie Gabriel. Are there any listed in Czech?
email: June Woodyard - - Posted 26 July 1998

Henrietta M. Bornemann Clark Whalen was born 17 Jan 1857 in Selnitz, Bohemia (now Zelenice, CR). Her parents were Charles Bornemann and Caroline Oldenburg. She had a sister, Annie Augusta Bornemann Nitz, she was married to Augustine or Charles Nitz, they had one daughter Bertha Augusta Nitz (later Lueckenotte), they immigrated to Ripley County, Missouri about 1875 or so. Henrietta married two Irishmen. 1st, Thomas Clark, with whom she had two children, Thomas who died as an infant, and James William Clark. Henrietta married James Whalen, native of Aillbrack, Milltown Malbay, County Clare, Ireland. They had several children: Patrick William Whalen, husband of Daisy Mann Whalen; Martin Henry Whalen, husband of Gertrude Johanna Bescheinen Whalen; George Albert WhalenN, husband of Bessie Mae Kearbey Whalen; Katherine Ellen Whalen Huskey, wife of James Martin Huskey, and Margaret Carlina Whalen Ruser, wife of John Dee Ruser. Henrietta died in the Halloran Community near Ten Mile Creek in Epps Township, Butler County, Missouri, about 10 miles west of Poplar Bluff, Missouri. She is buried in the Kearbey Chapel Cemetery. Annie Augusta Bornemann Nitz migrated to Pueblo, Colorado from Missouri, and it is believed she died there sometime in the 1940's or 50's. I would appreciate any information on these families or on the village of Selnitz, now Zelenice, near the town of Bilina in the Czech Republic.
email: Michael Stephen "Steve" Jackson - - Posted 26 July 1998

Looking for surnames Burant, Cukr, Horak, Mandelik, Brom and Urban from Prague and other Bohemian areas in late 1800's. Settled in Cleveland Ohio. All Czechoslovakian Burants in USA are descended from Vaclav Burant who emmigrated in 1874. Looking for anyone with more information.
email: Jim and Judi Burant - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: KAMRADA
My mother's family name is Kamrada from Kostelic, Moravia. Any help out there with family or village info?
email: - - Posted 26 July 1998

My great-great-grandparents,were born in Bohiema. My was born in Prange in 1841,his was Wenzl Benes/Benesch. His wife was born in 1843,in Pressburg, her name was Annie Mandle. In 1874 my gr.grandmother Annie/Anna was born at 408 East 5th st.,New York City, Annie was the sixth child. We know of her bother Bill,he was N.Y.C. fireman;and never married. Annie also had sister named Bertie, do not know she married and had children. My gr.grandmother Annie worked on Ellis Island. Annie married Anthony Sappe/Sappee. Anthony arrived from Bohiema to New York City, 1881, he was 19 years old. Anthony worked as roller maker (something to do with steel ?). By 1900 he was policeman. Anthony died of cancer at the age 37. We really know about him,would love some kind information. Annie and Anthony had three children, Robert, Arthur and Eleanor. Out the three Arthur (grandfather) was the only who had any children. Anthony, Robert, Joan and Patricia. If any one know Sappe history, I would most grateful.
email: Annie Sappe Hardy - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: NEUFSTADL
I am hoping to gain information about any family of my great-grandmother, Emma Neufstadl. Emma and her husband (surname Goldschmidt) were from Prauge and emigrated to Portland, Oregon around 1895. Both my great-grandparents were Jewish. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 26 July 1998

Looking for the Nestrojil and Dopita families from Moravia.
email: Marlene Heinsohn - - Posted 26 July 1998

My husband's parents came from Czechoslovakia, all I know is the last name was Yakebek or Yakabek. His father's family came from there also their name was changed here in America to Luther, we think the name was (sounds like Marchin chin) don't know the spelling don't know if you can help or not.
email: - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: BITTO
Looking for any information on my Grandfather. His name was Joseph Bitto and he was born and raised in Bratislava, he married a woman names Louise. They had two sons Joseph and Walter. They sent both their sons at an early age to the US. But never came themselves. They died in Bratislava. Joseph was a teacher there. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Jim Bitto - - Posted 26 July 1998

I am researching the family of John Morek and his wife, Frances (Fanny) Hradek. They came from Bohemia (a village near Passau, Austria) in 1866 with children, Josephine, Robert and Fanny. Dtr Emma was b in MO in 1872. John Morek died between 1872 and 1879. In Feb 1879, Frances Morek married John Spika, also from Bohemia. The families resided in St. Louis MO. Would like to hear from anyone who has any knowledge of these families.
email: Don and Judy Warth - - Posted 26 July 1998

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