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John Stejskal emigrated to Iowa from Bohemia near Prague when he was 16. Lived to be 82 and died in 1955. He was married to a Markovetz.
email: - - Posted 17 February 1999

Researching: LUKAS
I am searching for a Mr. and Mrs Lukas. Mrs. Lukas was born August 13, 1922 and Mr. Lukas was born September 22,1907 the were possibly married in 1938 in Illinois and divorced in 1953 in Illinois. They have a daughter living in Sacramento, CA and was born March 6, 1956. If anyone knows of the where abouts of the couple above please contact me. Thank-You!
email: Pam - - Posted 17 February 1999

Researching: BLESKAN
Searching for the surname Bleskan in Bohemia.
email: Lynne Leard - - Posted 17 February 1999

I am searching for information on the following families: Hanock/ Hanek & Vaculik. Frank & Frances Vaculik had daughter Anna Marie 8/16/1878, she married Josef (ph?) Hanek then came to the U.S. with 3 children. They then had 3 more. We believe the original name was Hanek then changed here to Hanock. The rumor is that they came from Bohemia, close to the Austrian border.Any information on either family will be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 16 February 1999

Researching: PROISI
I am researching the name Proisi. They came from Stipoklasy. In 1869 they came to Buffalo, Iowa. Fathers name was Andreas Proisi and his wife was named Johanna. They had three sons, Karel, Franz,and Andreas. and two daughters, Maria and Anna.
email: Larry Baringer - - Posted 16 February 1999

John Ptacnik 1860's, spouse Katherine/Catherine/Katia Semarad 1865, parents of Anton Ptacnik May 7, 1876 born in Zbozi, Bohemia. Anyone having knowledge of John and Kathine please contact me.
email: Carmen Ptacnik Waetje - - Posted 16 February 1999

Researching: SABAKA
Sabaka - looking for any info.
email: - - Posted 16 February 1999

Looking for family members of: Hais - Zahorcice; Komorno - Bohemia; Zeliskova - Krasilov - Bohemia; Svihla - Letiny, - Bohemia; Karnolt - Sec - Bohemia; Pavlis - Volduchy - Bohemia.
email: Elinor Svihla - - Posted 16 February 1999

Researching: SOUKUP
Requesting information on my great grand father Joseph Soukup, became a citizen in Chicago, Ill. in 1865. Born in Pilsen, Czeck/Austria/Bohemia.
email: Liz Smith - - Posted 14 February 1999

My greatgreat grandfather Frantisek Spalenka from Drozdov married Barbory Cervenka from Kotopeky and begot Antonin Spalenka who married Anna Simek from Strakonice who begot Rudolf Spalenka who emmigrated to the US in early 1920s and married Valaria Stastny from Baltimore. They had my father. Any information on Spalenka, Cervenka, Simek, Stastny from Klatovy, Hutarova from Volyne, or Resek from Baltimore would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 14 February 1999

Researching: MAZANEC
I am looking for information on my great grandparents whose names are Otto and Anna Mazanec. At the turn of the century the came from Bohemia to the United States and settled in Minnesota. She died in about 1916 and he lived until the 50s or 60s. I am interested in their Bohemian history.
email: Shelly Hermensen (formerly Mazanec) - - Posted 14 February 1999

Karger Alois Georg - born Apr 23rd 1822/Freudenthal - married to Brunner Theresia /born Jul 31st 1827/Freudenthal (daughter of Brunner Franz, Franzsika Thiel) farther of Karger Alois /born May 19th 1849/Freudenthal/married to Bittmann Aloisia/Born Feb18th 1849) - son of Karger Johann and Schulmeister Eleonora. I have complete history until Karger Alois Georg. Searching for detailed information on Karger Johann and Schulmeister Eleonora (both born approx. 1790-1800). Kralik Franz m. to Anna (maiden name Roflous), father of Kralik Maria b. Dec 5th 1866 in Obermoldau. Kralik Maria m. to Hoffmann Josef b. Feb 6th 1862 in Elendsbachl (son of Hoffmann Johann and Sager Marianna). Kralik Maria and Josef Hoffmann had a child Hoffmann Mathilda b. Oct 24th 1888 in Eleonorenheim. Kralik Franz and Hoffmann Josef were "Glasmacher" glassmakers. Please email in English or German.
email: Sylvia Sulek - - Posted 14 February 1999

Any one with information regarding the following people, please contact me: Frantisek Bluma from the village of Lhotka Chocholata, born to Frantisek Bluma and Alzbeta Machackova He was baptized in Vlachovo Brezi (Tom III, p. 10) May 31, 1888. Marie Komanova from the town of Plzen, born to Frantisek Koman and Marketa Wintrova, Baptised in St. Bartholmaei in Plzen (Tom 34/Fol. 58) November 8, 1891. If any one has any information, or could tell me how I could secure a baptismal or birth certificate, please write me. I am trying to find out how I can obtain a copy of a birth certificate of my grandmother and grandfather. The information is listed below, if you could guide me in any way, I would be very grateful. This is all the information I have to go on.
email: Craig P. Williams - - Posted 14 February 1999

Researching: KOHOUT
My father married Anna Kohout of St.Paul Minnesota. Her father I believe was also from St.Paul and named John Kohout. His father came from Bohemia in the 1800's. I would guess he would have been born in 1860 or thereabouts. I do not know my great grandfathers first name unfortunately. I am told that he set up business here in St.Paul, but returned to Bohemia to fight in a Polish/Bohemian war. He died fighting against the Polish. My mother told me it took 10 Poles to kill him. Not much to go on, but do you have any history on the Kohout family from Bohemia?
email: - - Posted 14 February 1999

Looking for information on following surnames - Petryzyn (Petrison), Rodak, Bann and Ondiga or Ondiha. All borrn in Austria - Hungary and immigrated to Philadelphia and coal mine regions in Pennsylvania.They were here in late 1890's.Any information would be greaty appreciated. Especially on Mary Ondiga Petryzyn who died in or around Beaver Meadows, Pa.
email: - - Posted 12 February 1999

Franz Husak b.abt.1810 .(married to Johanna Celerrin) left Klatovy in 1849. His father was Matthias b.1782 married Maria Tuczek. Relatives may be in Klattau or environs, Podiebrady, Zbiroh.
email: - - Posted 12 February 1999

Researching Kochalka, Dvorsky, Dvorski, Beneske, or Beneski. Any info would be appreciated!
email: Linda - - Posted 12 February 1999

I am looking for the surname Dostich.I have very little but here is what I do have. My greatGrandparents names were John and Marie Dostich we think they came over between 1901 and 1906 from Trynava, Czech and came into NY. harbor. I believe there first child was Imro Dostich d.o.b. Dec.6,1894-born in Trynova, Czech. He arrived in the US. in Feb. 4, 1903 in NY. on a ship called Crown Princess Alice which departed from Bremen,Germany. He came to Lebanon, Pennsylvania as did my G-grandparents. He married Anna Drinko in Lebanon Pa. Nov.10 ,1923. She was from Smalinski, Czech. She arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on Feb. 4, 1905 on the SS Crown Prince Welham. They had Three children; Henry Feb. 14, 1924. Frank Dec.25, 1925 and Geraldine Sept.2 1927..The second child was Stefan Dostich (changed to Stephen) he was born May 23, 1901 in Trynva,Czech. He arrived in the US. in Oct. 9,1906 in NY. Harbor aboard the SS Frieerichder Grosse. He married Anna ?, April 17,1923. They had three children: Stephen Aug 12,1923. Kathryn Oct.29,1927, and Ethel Jan. 11,1936. My Grandfather was born next, here in the US. his name was Victor John Dostick born May 15,1906. He married Helen Scanlin born Jan. 24 ,1906 of Lebanon Pa. daughter of Patrick and Annie Scanlin (Patrick was from Ireland ). They had 4 children Victor Jr. Died as infant , Mary died from pnemonia at age 6, Patrick, June 13,1941,(my father),and Robert which was 2Yr.s younger then my father, he died at 35 of failed liver. Joseph was the next child born Feb. 22, 1904. Then was Theresa and Ulia (little is know at this time about the last three.) I have looked in the US. phone directory and could find nothing so I believe that the rest of my family must be in Czecholslovokia. I have searched the net and could find nothing if anyone has at least heard the last name before please contact anything at this point would be appeciated.
email: Melissa Dostich - - Posted 12 February 1999

Researching: DURAJ
Just found out my ggg grandmother was Anna Duraj does anyone have any information on this surname?
email: Victoria Firnstahl - - Posted 12 February 1999

Researching: DRTINA
I am searching for the surname Drtina and in special Franz Josef Drtina who moved to Norway in 1898 and returned in 1904.
email: - - Posted 11 February 1999

Researching: KALLASH
My great grandfather Joseph Kallash was born at Blooton in the state of Bohemia on Dec 4, 1830. He came to the U.S.A. and served as a musician in Co. G . 3rd Regiment Mo state Militia Volunteer Cavalry from 1862 to 1865. He enlisted at Troy, Mo in Lincoln Co.. After the war he moved to Smith Co. Kansas near Claudell, Ks.He died Aug.28, 1918 in Claudell, Ks and is buried in the Bohemian cemetery south of Claudell, Ks. I am trying to find when he came to U.S. and if any relation of his still live in Bohemia.
email: Gerald Stephenson - - Posted 11 February 1999

Researching: PONIC, BUNDA
Searching for any info on my grandparents- Fredonand Joseph Ponic born August 1898 and my grandmother-Anna Maria Bunda-Ponic born June 1892 in Kladno, Czechoslovakia. My son is doing a school project on our family history. Thank you,
email: D. Daigneau - - Posted 11 February 1999

Researching: MERTA, JARINECK
Merta family, my grandparents were Frank and Helen. Their next nearest relations were Jarineck.
email: Martin Merta - - Posted 10 February 1999

Researching: HUDEC
I am researching information on Jacob and Frances Hudec who immigtated to this country in May of 1879 via the ship "Rhein" along with their five children Maria, Francisca, Anna, Antonia, and Frantz. They came from Bohemia and settled in New York until the death of Jacob in 1887 at which time Frances and the children went to Nebraska. I would appreciate any information on this family.
email: - - Posted 10 February 1999

Researching: KREN
My father Mathew Kren came from what is now Vladmerice, Manetin parish in what is now the Czech Republic. He and my mother came to the US in November 1905 by way of Nyrany in southern CR, which was her home. I'd appreciate any information.
email: Robert E. Kren - - Posted 10 February 1999

Researching: BRABEC
Researching Frank Brabec from Bohemia. Left for the US from Bohemia around 1870. Do not know where they were in Bohemia. Would be thankful for any help.
email: Joyce Henderson - - Posted 10 February 1999

Researching: WEISS, WOLKOBER
Looking for information on Ignatz Weiss and/or John Wolkober both of a small town called Deutsch Proben. Lived there till about 1901/1902. DOB's approx. 1870's.
email: - - Posted 10 February 1999

Researching: NEMEC
I am just beginning to research my family tree. My grandfathers name is Edward Austin Nemec son of Ernest Nemec. Would like any info on this family name.
email: Carla - - Posted 09 February 1999

Researching: JERABEK
I would like any information about the name Jerabek. My grandfather name was Louis Jerabek, father Stan Jerabek and mine Matthew Jerabek.
email: Niamh McAnally - - Posted 09 February 1999

Researching: JAKES, CECKA
Information on my Gr. grandfather Vaclav Jakes came to Veseli Mn. from Zablati between 1873-1980 married Katerina Cecka.
email: Marvin Jakes - - Posted 09 February 1999

Looking for Stachowski, Beutz and Plombon.
email: Shirley Stachowski Beutz - - Posted 09 February 1999

Researching: PEKAREK
I would like information on the name "Pekarek". I know very little about where my American family originated from and would like to know more. Please let me know if you can help.
email: Tom Pekarek - - Posted 09 February 1999

My grandfather was Vaclav (Jim) Broz; born in 1874 (or 1870), supposedly in Bohemia. He immigrated to Texas in 1889. He married Albina Bartek, whose parents were earlier immigrants to Texas. Looking for relatives and other Broz's. My wife's grandmother was Anna Hraby. She immigrated from Vienna to Philadelphia in about 1912. Her parents were Anton Hraby and Theresia Tabinsky Hraby. Is Hraby a Bohemian or Moravian name?
email: George Broze - - Posted 08 February 1999

Researching: VECES
I am trying to find information on The Anton Veces family. The father emmigrated to the US in Sept. 1889. His wife Josefa and 7 children followed in May of 1890. The settled in Minnesota. They came from the towns of Laziste, Cimelice and Stare Sedlo in Bohemia. Would like to make contact with anyone searching this surname or these towns.
email: TJ Eckdale - - Posted 08 February 1999

Researching: VOKATY DUBSKY
I am researching my Vokaty family.They came to the US in 1871 along with the Frank Dubsky family. They spent 2 years in Chicago, before moving to Wright County, Maple Lake Minnesota. In Bohemia the were from the towns of Obory or Vobory and Vrabsko.
email: TJ Eckdale - - Posted 08 February 1999

I am looking for family members that may still live in the Czech Republic or may have immigrated to North America. My great grandfather was from Frydek-Mistek and he came to the U.S.A. in the 1890's His name was Andre Halata. I believe that his fathers name was Thomas. My Great great grandpa Rektorik came from there I believe in the 1880's.
email: David Halata - - Posted 08 February 1999

Looking for any one with last name of Radvanyi or Radvany and also Mihel. They are from Prauge Czech.
email: Regina Radvany - - Posted 08 February 1999

Searching for the above surnames. Searching for villages: Nove Hrady; Priluke; Litomsyl Fendal Pproperty; Javornik from county Vysoke-Myto; Nove Vsi; Prosec; Chotovic; Suche Lhty; Vosika (Osik).
email: Charles M. Allen - - Posted 07 February 1999

Paternal great grandfather born in possibly Novy Bydzhov in Bohemia, mid-1800's. Emmigrated to US in 1880's. Married into Tintera family. Grandmother Maria Svec. Family from Brno. Immigrated in late 1880's. Families moved to and lived in Chicago. Great Grandfather owned tavern.
email: Mark Kubista - - Posted 07 February 1999

Our branch of the Hlavinka family left Nechvalin in the southeastern reaches of Moravia in 1905 and entered through the Galveston, Texas port of entry. The Hlavac family left from the same general region (Kyov?) at about the same time and settled in the Robstown, Tx area (except, of course, for my grandmother, a Hlavac, who married grandfather, Josef Hlavinka, in Moravia long before the two immigrated with their then living children, Frantisek, Rehor, Marie, Josef, and Vincent). The center of gravity of this group of Hlavinkas remains in East Bernard, Tx--atlthough, to be sure, many of us have lived away from our place of origin for quite a spell. We are interested in contacting anyone whose roots will trace back to the Nechvalin/Kyov area and/or to any branch of the Hlavinka or Hlavac families.
email: - - Posted 07 February 1999

Researching: KABRNA, KABERNA
Please if you have any information on the surname Kabrna or Kaberna living anywhere in the Czech Republic I am interested in contacting them.
email: Jean Rademacher - - Posted 07 February 1999

Researching: KROCKA
I am Searching on any Information on Krocka.
email: - - Posted 07 February 1999

Franz Stolz was born in Kriegern (Kryry; Jechnitz, Leitmeritz, Podersam);his son Josef Stolz was also born in Kriegern and married Katharina Gamisch; their son Johann Adam Stolz was born 15.12.1792 in Kriegern and married Josefa Honel (born 1794 in Seestadtl (Evrenice), Cz, daughter of Josef Honel an Maria Martinin) on 26.11.1822 in Seestadtl; Their son Josef Stolz was born 4.8.1820 in Seestadtl and married Theresia Ehrler (born 12.12.1817 in Udwitz/Komotau; daughter of Josef Ehrler born 12.12.1790 in G=F6ttersdorf (son of Josef Ehrler (Gottersdorf) and Maria Anna Zimmermann (Uhrissen)) and Susanna Fuchs (born 31.1.1796 in Udwitz/Komotau; daughter of Christoph Fuchs and Anna Elisabeth Uhlich)); their son Anton Stolz was born 26.7.1846 in Seestadtl and maried Antonia Riedl (born 7.6.1847 in Linz/Austria, daughter of Josefa Riedl); their son Karl Stolz was born 7.9.1869 in Lindenburg (Austria)and married Bertha Olbricht (born 12.3.1876 in Oberhollabrunn/Austria).
email: - - Posted 05 February 1999

Researching: DEZDJECK, DEZEK
I am looking for any information on the Last name of: Dezdjeck. It was my Great-great Grandfather's surname before it was changed at Ellis Island to Dezek.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1999

Looking for information on the Drbal, Laucki, Misoun, Novotny, Pleticha, Tichy, and vancura families.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1999

Researching: KOZOJED, PICH
I am trying to find information on Kozojed or Pich families that came to America from Czechoslovakia to Chicago, then Minnesota and North Dakota. Any info would help.
email: Anthony Kozojed - - Posted 05 February 1999

Researching: HELUS, KLEITCH
My grandfather's name was Helus and immagrated to the U.S. as a young man, with 2 of his brothers,from Bohemia (Prague) where the family owned a brewery. He came here about 1870. My grandmothers' surname was Kleitch, and as a young girl she immigrated to the U.S. from Moravia. She and my Grandfather were both from the Omaha, Nebraska area.
email: Clara Cooper - - Posted 05 February 1999

Looking for Rauscher from village/town unknown, Bohemia. Researching Voitl, Foitl, village/town unknown, Bohemia.
email: - - Posted 04 February 1999

I'm Looking for imformation on Joesef Zubik And Annie (Kovar) Zubik, HIs Father was Steven Zubik And Mother Was Annie (Botlova). They came To Texas Between 1907 and 1908.
email: - - Posted 04 February 1999

I am searching for Meindl, Schmid / Schmied / Schmidt families from the towns of Neuhausl Novy Domky, Bohemia, Czech and Reichenthal, Bohemia-of course their are other surnames such as Herrman, Plobner, Dobner, and Hagner to name a few. If anyone has families from this area please contact me.
email: George Smith - - Posted 04 February 1999

My mother is Czech and her father was born in Veorovece in Jan of 1881 coming to West, TX in the 1890's. Her mother was born in Kuncia and came to this country in the 1890's as well along with her mother, Johana Srubar, that was her maiden name. Johana was born in Frenstat. She married a Joe Majerek from Kuncia. My grandmother, Mary Ann Majerek, married John Marek in 1901 in West, TX. They moved to the Corpus Christi, TX area around 1910. John Marek's father was Thomas Marek, probably never leaving the old country. Johana Srubar' father was Joe Srubar, also from Frenstat. Her mother and wife of Joe Srubar was Pauline. Mary Ann Majerek came to TX with the Srubar family along with some of her brothers and sisters. One older brother never came. They did not have enough money to bring him. Anyone having any information that would be helpful please e-mail me. Thanks in advance.
email: - - Posted 04 February 1999

Researching: SECKED, LAMB
Researching the name Seckes. My grandmother, Joanna Seckes, was born in Czechoslovakia, probably in the late 1880's, and came to the United States via Vienna and St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. She was the only one of her family to stay in the United States. She married John Lamb of Summit, New Jersey, probably about 1913, and had seven children. Any information about the name Seckes, and where the family originally came from, would be most appreciated.
email: Suzanne Griffin - - Posted 04 February 1999

Researching: MACEK
My surname is Macek. My father, Robert Cyril Macek, had one brother, Charles he was born 05 July 1918 but I don't have his parent's names. His mother's maiden name may have been Rother from the Praha area.
email: Matt Macek -
MMACEK@RYBACK.COM - Posted 03 February 1999

Looking for information on the Hudecek family from the village of Vesela. The village was supposedly near Prague. Family members include Jacob and Mary (Fuxa) Hudecek, daughter Mary and son Dominic. They settled in Omaha, NE, about l889. Jacob was born May 6, l830. He was son of John Hudecek and Anna Hodek. May have sailed on the ship Columbia May 9, 189l. Dominic was born Approx l869, may have sailed on the ship, Bohemia, on September 28, l889. Mary was born July 26, l872.
email: Carol Ponec-Nemec - - Posted 03 February 1999

Searching for anyone related to the above families. Danuse Pokorny (or Pokorna) was born in Lom (sp.) in the early 1930's. Her father Vaclav Pokorny was in the Czech Legion and died in the 40's sometime. Bedrich Mohr (died 1995) was her husband and was born in Plsen in the early 30's. Stefan Kovalik is my half brother. The Novotny (or Novotna) names I remember from 30+ yrs ago were Lida, Stazy, and Tona.
email: Vaclav Mick Mohr - - Posted 03 February 1999

Researching: DRTINA
I am searching for the family name Drtina in the area. Any response is very appreciated.
email: Tore Drtina - - Posted 03 February 1999

Researching: PRYBYSZ
Any information appreciated on the Prybysz family.
email: - - Posted 03 February 1999

Researching: VOJTECH
My grandfather was William John Vojtech. He met my grandmother in World War II. After the war, they got married, then had my father. My grandfather left when my father was 2, so he doesn't remember him. I, being his granddaughter, would like to find any relatives I might have. My father was an only child, and with my grandmother's death, has no relatives that we know of. Please email if you can help.
email: - - Posted 03 February 1999

Researching: STEPANEK
I would like to contact Oscar Stepanek AKA as He is no longer on AOL.
email: Ray Stepanek - - Posted 02 February 1999

I am seeking contacts for the following surnames: Veverka, Bicek/Bicka, Jablecnik, Kubin, Vilimovsky, Nadvornik, Tesarek. They all immigrated from Bohemia in the latter 1800s. Most settled in the Chicagoland area and attended St. Procopius Church, St. Agnes Church and Cyril and Methodist. Any contacts would be appreciated. Willing to share what I have.
email: - - Posted 02 February 1999

I am trying to find out any thing I can about my grandparents,and great grand parents. My grandfather was Frank John Moravek born Oct. 12, 1872 in Vederady, Bohemia. He died in Texas Sept, 18, 1966. His parents were Frank John Moravek and Rosalie Andrle. My other grandfather was Joseph Hlavinka born Oct. 4, 1883 in Nechvolin, Moravia he died in Texas July 7, 1966. His wife was Mary (LaVarrecha or Varezcha) born Jan. 15, 1887 in Bochowice, Poland. She died in Texas Mar.3, 1969. Could you help in any way? Thank you,
email: Barbara Moravek Vickery - - Posted 02 February 1999

Researching: FEDORS
What can you tell me about my last name, Fedors?
email: Paul Fedors - - Posted 02 February 1999

Researching: ALEVA
I would like to know whether my surname comes from one of the countries you mention. My surname is Aleva. I would also like to contact people with the same surname.
email: Anita Aleva - - Posted 02 February 1999

Looking for any of these surnames from the city of Oeman, Bohemia: Katherina Jana, 11/17/1855; Martin Jana, 1830; Veit Jana, 1810; Elisabeth Blaha, 1830; Josef Blaha, 1810; Barbara Tvaroh, 1810; Eva Janda, 1810.
email: Mark Balasi - - Posted 01 February 1999

Researching: VLACH, YROUT
I am interested in any information about my Vlach family. All I know is that my grandfather, James Vlach, was from Bohemia and settled in Cicero, Illinois. He married a woman named Marie Yrout(sp?) and had five children, James, Marie, Vlasta, Anna, and George. My mother is Vlasta. James (Sr.) had a brother who also settled in the Chicago area. The two families estranged many years ago. I am particularly interested in the medical history of the family.
email: Bruce Beckman - - Posted 01 February 1999

My maternal grandfather's last name was Koznarek from Moravia. My maternal grandmother's last name was Vacek from Malcin. My paternal grandmother's last name was Piskac. Does anyone know anything about these names? Thanks.
email: Mary Buglewicz Duffy - - Posted 01 February 1999

Researching: PITTELKOW
Would like any information on the Pittelkow surname prior to 1700.
email: - - Posted 01 February 1999

I am seeking information about my Grandparents, Joseph Louis Shulista, b. March 23, 1889, Hosin. His parents were John Shulista and Marie Sveska. I also need information on Anna Rose Neuman, b. May 4, 1892, Oseka, and her parents Frantisek and Aloisia Neuman, and her sibling Rudolph Neuman. All of these people are from Bohemia. Any Information is appreciated.
email: - - Posted 01 February 1999

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