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I am looking for information on the surname Rezachek or Rezacek, settled in Pilsen, WI, probably from Plzen, Bohemia. Any info would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 31 January 1999

Researching: TOUTCHEQUE
Does anyone have information regarding one of my ancestors, Jean Jacques Toutcheque, born in Prague, Bohemia, died about 1763? Any information would be most appreciated.
email: Rod Touchet - - Posted 31 January 1999

Researching: MICULKA
My maiden name is Miculka and I was wondering if there are any relatives that I don't know about. My grandfather was August Miculka and his wife was Maude Pickett Miculka.BR> email: - - Posted 31 January 1999

These are the Bohemian names and towns I am interested in: Cerny, Medovy Ujized, Bohemia; Mudra, Syra, Bohemia; Dvorak, obec Hurky, Bohemia; Svejkovsky, Hrazena Lhota, Benesov County, Stredocesky, Bohemia; Balley, Evina, Czechoslovakia; Cafourek, Karizek, Bohemia.
email: Anne Mary C. Cerney - - Posted 31 January 1999

My grandparents were sponsored and left Czechoslovakia to come to Phil, PA. USA in 1920. My Grandfather's name was Alfonse Uhlarik and Grandmother Stephanie (Maiden name Meirik or Myrik). My mother's name is Anne her sister is named Ethel. My mother never met or talked with her grandparents in Czech. I'm trying to trace the family tree and also determine if any family still lives in the country.
email: Steve - - Posted 31 January 1999

Researching: RIBAR, ROHEL
Searching for family of Anton Ribar. Just beginning search. Anton's family came to United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois. Family is from Czechoslovakia and/or Bohemia. Any info would be appreciated. Anton was married to Marie Rohel. They had five children -- Anton, Louis, Anne, Martha and Henry.
email: Carol Ribar - - Posted 29 January 1999

Researching: BLAHNIK
I would be very grateful to you for sending me information on the name Blahnik in the United States. Thank you very much in advance. I am looking forward to your kind reply.
email: Zdenek Blahnik - - Posted 29 January 1999

Researching: LISKA, KUPPA, KUPO
My grandfather, Joseph Liska, was born about 1867. He came to the US about age 12 to join an older brother who was already here. Apparently they were tailors. My grandfather was very proud of the fact that he had made suits for President Grover Cleveland, so I believe he may have been in the Buffalo,NY area before going on to Chicago. In Chicago, my grandfather worked at the Morton-Barry Co., at 3300 West Twenty-third St., as a tailor. My grandmother, Mary (Kuppa or Kupo) Liska, came to the US about 1908. Apparently someone from Chicago had paid her fare in exchange for her working for them a set amount of time. I know she came into the port of Baltimore, MD. She met my grandfather in Chicago and married about 1910 or 1911. My mother, Blanche Liska, was born in Chicago Nov. 21, 1912. When my mother was about 6 months old they left Chicago and moved to Tyler, Texas, where my Uncle Joe was born. Later they moved on to Pine Bluff, Arkansas where my grandfather, Joseph Liska, was a tailor for many years until his death in 1937. I believe my grandmother had a least one brother although I have no idea what his name was. My great- grandmother's name was Katerin Kuppa or Kupo and her husband was Jan Kuppa or Kupo. Grandmother always told me the name sounded like Cooper. I would appreciate any information.
email: Mary Lewis - - Posted 29 January 1999

Wencel Blazek and Johanna (Zastoupil) came to Amercia with their three daughters in 1867 on the ship Weser. They arrived in New York in June of 1867 and then moved to Wisconsin. They settled temporarily in Watertown before moving to Oakdale, (Monroe Co.). They traveled with a Zastoupil family, who I believe were Johanna's brother's. The three daughters names were Johanna, Thersia, and Matilda. Reports indicate the family came from the town of Landsberg, Austria (Bohemia). However, I have been unable to locate the town or what the name of the town is today. I believe they came from an area of Bohemia that was referred to as Silesia. Early research lead me to the current day Gorsa Soski, Poland. But after searching many records, I am now fairly sure that is not the Town they came from. If anyone has any leads as to where the Blazek family came from in Boemia, I would like to hear from you.
email: Matt and Sylvia - - Posted 29 January 1999

Anton and Juliana (Prochszkova) Vorel lived in Czech. Their children were: Aloyzius (came to USA in 1902); Anton, Alozie and Anna (came to USA in 1905; Marie, Karel and Josef (stayed in Czech). Marie married a Novotny, no children. Karel married a Marie Hodinovov and had children. Marta m. Josef Lishu, and Vere m. Ladislav Kubaska. Vere and Ladislav have 2 children, Milan and Eva. They remain somewhere around Prague. Any help appreciated. Joseph and Marie (Streba) Uher came to USA with their children. Some were already married. Anna m. John Adamek, Joseph m. Anna Kotar. The following were married in the states: John (m.Frantiska Tuka); Marie (m.Frank Zavesky); Thomas C. (m.Anna Mudra); and Julia (m.John Ledinsky). I am looking for any connections with the above mentioned. John Uher is listed as born in Pisek v. Cechach. Thanks for any help!
email: - - Posted 29 January 1999

Researching: ZANN, BREZINA
My grandparents' names are Zann and Brezina. As far as I know, the Brezinas came from Bohemia and Zann was from Poland. I don't know what part. The names may have been changed. Brezina was in Bohemia in 1846. I have two names from there, Joseph and Barbara Brezina, but that is all I have been able to find out. Please, if anyone can help me with information on my family, I would greatly appreciate it.
email: - - Posted 27 January 1999

Researching: MEIER, RAUER
My mother was two years old in 1905 when she came to U.S. with her parents. My grandmothers name was Cecelia Meier, born Jan. 7, 1880. She married Adolph Rauer, who was born Feb. 17, 1873. The ship's manifest indicated that they came from Milkendorf, Silesia, which today is Milotice nad Opavou, 136.8 miles East of Prague. Milotice is East of Bruntal, Southwest of Krncice and north of highway 11. I am interest in obtaining birth records for my mother and grandparents as well as the marriage record for my grandparents. Does anyone know the postal code for Milotice, and other locations to write and obtain these records.
email: Walt & Joan Lissner - - Posted 27 January 1999

Researching: RYNES
Please contact me if you are a "Rynes" descendent or are related to anyone with RYNES as a surname. My ancestors came from Bohemia, Trebon and Brenan, in the late 1800's. I have information about what appears to be three different individual families coming from that area. Some settled in the area around Hillsboro, Wisconsin and some settled in the area around Omaha, Nebraska. I need help in putting all the people together.
email: - - Posted 27 January 1999

Seeking info on Frank Vesely and Mary Fitel Vesely. Their children are: Josef, Frank, Tom (wife's parents are Frank Dusek and Mary Velat Dusek), Mary Slad, Elizabeth Vanek, Rose Borkovec, Annie Jackine, Bessie Delezal. Frank and Mary came to the U.S. about 1880, and came to North Judson, IN and Chicago, IL. I need any info, especially the village in Czech they came from, and obituaries.
email: Laurie Novak Rabe and Patricia Novak - - Posted 27 January 1999

Searching for the above surnames, all from Meistersdorf, Bohemia. They came to U.S. in the early l900's.
email: - - Posted 27 January 1999

Researching: PATADLE, KUZEL
Searching for relatives with surnames of Patadle, or Kuzel. Mary Vack Kuzel was my Great Grandmother. Antonette Patadle was married to Mary Vack Kuzel's brother.
email: - - Posted 26 January 1999

Researching: BRYCHOVA
Can you tell me which name is the first name and which is the surname: Brychova Jaroslava. (Ed. Note: The name is Jaroslava Brychova. "Brychova" is the feminine form of the surname.)
email: Shirley - - Posted 26 January 1999

Researching: BRABEC, SIMA
We are searching for relatives of the John Brabec family who came to the US in l893 with three children. He married Mary Sima. He was born in Ronkov Trhove Soine, Ceske Budgjovice. She was born in l869 in Zaburn Kaidosova Recise, Jindrichvi Hradec. I think they were married in Bohemia. Are there any relatives in Czechoslovakia who were brothers or sisters of this couple?
email: Irene Madura - - Posted 26 January 1999

Researching: BENDA
I am checking if you have any information on the Benda's from Bohemia?
email: Carol Harris - - Posted 25 January 1999

I'm looking for any information on my great great grandparents. Joseph Pokarney was born Dec.30, 1855, in Dobriev, Bohemia. He died Oct 25, 1946 in Fromberg, Montana. He married June 1881 in Dobriev. His wife, Meri (Mary) Jedlicka, was born Sept. 3, 1862 in Dobriev, Bohemia, died Nov. 21, 1925 in Fromberg, Montana. Joseph moved to The U.S.A. Joseph in 1881 and Meri in 1882. They first settled in Patterson, New Jersey, then Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania (1882), then Des Moines, Iowa in 1884. From there they moved to Red Lodge, Montana, and finally to Fromberg, Montana. They had ten children: Frank Henry, b.7/8/1883; Emma, b.3/15/1885; Anna Elizabeth, b. 11/11/1886; Stepha Nellie, b.1/29/1888; Joe, b.9/24/1890; Rose, b.6/14/1892; Margretta Harriet, b. 3/14/1894; James William, b.1/21/1897; Zana (Genevieve) Agnes, b.6/1/1900 and Elsie Lucilla, b.7/23/1902. I would like to know about there parents, siblings or any other relatives. Thanks.
email: Holly Wickoff - - Posted 25 January 1999

Researching: SISOLAK
My name is James T. Sisolak and I am also looking for any info on Sisolak's immigrating to the U.S. around the turn of the century. My great grandfather, Emerich Sisolak, came over from Prague around that time and he has many descendents. I have data on most. If you want any of this info. or want to share what you have, please contact me. I have been unable to find any info outside of the U.S. thus far.
email: James Sisolak - - Posted 25 January 1999

Researching: Anton Pesina, son of Anton Pesina and Anna Samek, born 22 Feb 1851, Prague, Bohemia, married 22 Nov 1880 to Barbara Streachek (Strejcek), died 30 Jun 1940, Silver Lake, McLeod, MN, USA; Barbara Streachek (Strejcek), dau. of John Strejcek and Mary Lacina, born 1 May 1862, Prague, Bohemia, died 6 May 1948, Silver Lake, McLeod, MN, USA; Jan Konerza, son of Josef Konerza and Rosalie Simon, born 6 Mar 1850, Hluboky 22, Moravia, married Nov 1875, died 26 Jul 1930, Silver Lake, McLeod, MN; Antonia Kovar, daughter of Vincenc Kovar and Eleanor Matuskova, born 8 Oct 1857, Hluboky 11, Moravia, died 5 Mar 1937, Silver Lake, McLeod, MN, USA. Any help in furthering the research of the ancestors of these people would be greatly appreciated.
email: Beverly Markham - - Posted 25 January 1999

Researching: FLEMING
We believe Charles Francis Fleming was ordained in Prague on June 9, 1713. Any biographical information would be appreciated. Thanks!
email: Cleve - - Posted 25 January 1999

Researching: DASCHKA
Looking for anyone with the name of Daschka or similar from Bohemia or Moravia, probably near the Polish border. Frank Victor Daschka came over as a teen to the US via New Orleans about 1900 to 1915.
email: Michelle Daschka - - Posted 24 January 1999

I would like to add some surnames to your list. They are Frank Kule, Pilzen, Czech; Katerina (Kebr) Kule, Trebon, Czech; Martin Kule, Pilzen, Czech; Barberia (Cerni) Kule, Pilzen, Czech; John Kebr, Trebon, Czech; Rozalie (Benhardt) Kule, Trebon, Czech;
email: - - Posted 24 January 1999

We are looking for relatives. Kres: Testimonium baptismale: Karoline Kres, born 26.3.1857 Depoldowitz, Deschemitz, Klattau, Neuern born Olchowitz Nr. 19, daughter of Wenzel Kres farmer at "unterer Fleischhof". Pinl: Testimonium baptismale: Alois Pinl, born 25.9.1893 in Depoldowitz Nr. 15, Neuern, Klattau son of Johann Philipp Pinl. Petermichl: Testimonium baptismale: Maria Petermichl, born 7.3.1886 in Diwischwitz = Nr. 13 daughter of Ferdinand Petermichl. Thanks for helping.
email: Josef Kres - - Posted 24 January 1999

Researching: ONDRA
I am researching my ancestors from Bohemia. Their last name was Ondra. They left Bohemia @ 1891 or 1892. Specifically I am looking for Anna Ondra (about 32-35 years old), her son Adolph (about 7 years old) and a baby daughter Mary (less than 2 years old).
email: - - Posted 24 January 1999

Researching: MASEK
Can you help me find Miro Masek. I don't know what village he would be from or anything.
email: - - Posted 24 January 1999

I am looking for information on Matthias Hrasche who was born near Taber, Bohemia in the 1820's. His mother's maiden name was Rosina. He married Sarah Katalove. They immigrated to Wisconsin in the 1850' or 60's. The spelling of the name has been changed to Harasha and Harashe.
email: - - Posted 23 January 1999

I Would like to hear from anyone who has information on the Mathias Mashek/Masek and Anna Sindelar Family. Mathias Mashek/Masek was born 13 Feb. 1810-1811 near Karlov Bohemia & Died 23 Mar. 1903 At Pocahontas, IA. But he lived most of his life near Spillville, IA. He was married to Anna Sindelar about 1831-1833 in Bohemia. Anna Sindelar was born 26 Jun. 1818 near Jikovice, Bohemia and died 30 Sep. 1888 at Spillville, IA. They had Barbara 1834; Wenzel 1836; Maria 1841; Josefa (Josephine) 1844; Julia 1846; Mathias 1848; in Bohemia. Joseph was born 1853 in Ohio. Anna was born in Iowa in 1856. There are two more children (Elnora & Rosa) born in Iowa also. Thank you for your help.
email: - - Posted 23 January 1999

I am looking for information on the name Josef Duchek from Prague arriving in the US in September 1882 with his wife Maria (Racyk) and three children Mathias 10, Anna 4 and Josef 9mos. I have all the information I need after their arrival in St. Louis it is data from Prague that so far is elusive. Also information on a Marie (Maria) Stengl and her father Josef from the town of Svihov in Bohemia, she was about 21 yrs old in 1893. Have no data when she (they) arrived and settled in the St. Louis area.
email: - - Posted 23 January 1999

Researching: CADA, VOREL, OPLT
Looking for info on surnames Cada, Vorel and Oplt.
email: - - Posted 23 January 1999

Looking for any information on Vavros or Vavrosova.
email: - - Posted 23 January 1999

Researching: PODLESAK
Seeking information on Vaclav Podlesak, father of Josef (and Ignac) Podlesak. Both sons came to the US in 1860s. Father Vaclav reportedly died in the old country when sons were children. Vaclav reportedly a bandmaster in Austrian army, and died around 1843. Reportedly originated in village of Slatina (but there are 16 of them in the Czech Republic). Josef was subject of book "The Podlesak Family in America". Any descendants or others with any old documents or other information or details on Vaclav, the father, or any of the family in Bohemia or Austro-Hungarian Empire, please contact me. We need some starting fact for further research in the CR or Austria.
email: Joe T. Vosoba - - Posted 22 January 1999

Researching: KOTOUL
I am trying to locate information relating to my Grandfather. Jack Kotoul, Born between 1850 - 1899 in Bohemia, CZ. His Trade was an Enameller ( Working with Steel). Immigrated to England after 1900. I wish to locate relatives or those with our surname. Any assistance would be appreciated.
email: Leonie Kotoul - - Posted 22 January 1999

Researching: KNAPEK, KLESTIC
Researching Grandfather Knapek who married Grandmother (nee Klestic) early 1915 in Chicago. Grandfather came to US from Cedece when he was 8 or 9.
email: - - Posted 22 January 1999

Researching: WANEK
I'm looking for any information on the name Wanek, my mother's maiden name. I don't know much about it except that my mother's paternal grandparents came from Bohemia, possibly to Wisconsin or Minnesota. Thanks.
email: Stacy Iszler - - Posted 22 January 1999

Researching: POCHILY
I am researching my family history and would appreciate a posting on your Web Site. Surname: Pochily; Villages: Petrova Ves and/or Kuty.
email: Barbara A. Pochily - - Posted 22 January 1999

Looking for information on possible relatives, Andrew and Joseph Grohol, that might have come from Czechslovakia to America in the early 1880's. They also used "Pasterak" a family name that they used in Hazelton, PA. Andrew married Mary Wantuch sometime in the early 1900's. They were the parents of five children (Michael, Andrew, John, Anna and Mary). A possible occupation for Andrew was a coal miner in Humbolt, PA. These area's are located in Northeastern PA. I am looking for information on Andrew and Joseph's parents. I also need information on the Wantuch family. Thank You!
email: - - Posted 21 January 1999

I am looking for my Toucheque family from Prague, Czechoslavakia. He came to Louisiana in the 1740's. He was a widower of Barbe Vagenspache. His father's name was Wenceslaus Tutzek and mother Dorothie(?)
email: Allen Boudreaux - - Posted 21 January 1999

Searching for the above named relatives. The father was Bedrich Mohr (1932-1995), and the mother, Danuse Pokorny. Bedrich was born in Plsen. Danuse was born in Lom (sp.). The grandfather was Vaclav Pokorny. He was in the Czech Legion. Numerous aunts lived in N.J. and Ohio named Stazy, Lida and Tona. on the Novotny side. I lost contact 30 years ago. My half brother is Stefan Kovalik. We all came to the US in 1959. Any info or contact would be appreciated.
email: Vaclav Mick Mohr - - Posted 21 January 1999

Seek any info on the Vrtacek and Rokos surnames from Bohemia. Joseph Vratcek and Anna Rokos were both born in the early 1840s in Bohemia most likely married there also. They came to US in 1870, lived in New York and had a number of children. They moved to CT 1892 and lived in Killingworth CT. Anna died in 1913 and Joseph died in 1924 in Chester, CT, while living with his daughter, Rose Vyborny. Joseph and Rose are both buried in "The Evergreen Cem." Brooklyn NY. They may have been Protestant because of their daughter, Emma Vrtacek, married Wayne L. Parker in a Protestant church in Haddam, CT. in 1900 / 01.
email: Ray Parker - - Posted 21 January 1999

I am searching for information on my grandfather and g grandfather, both of whom were named Joseph Empanger. My grandfather was born 25 April 1879 and lived most of his life in Hopkins, MN. He was married to Lizzie Pulkrabek. Also, I am planning to go to the Czech Republic this coming summer and am trying to find relatives in the Czech Republic. My g grandfather was Anton Pulkrabek, who was born in Vysoke Myto, on 3 May 1833. He came to the United States in 1856 and settled in Racine, Wisconsin. He later moved to Glencoe, MN. His father was Jan (John) Pulkrabek, who was born in Stremosice Cis 3, Czechoslovakia. His home was apparently an old monastary, built in the 1500-1600's. Apparently there is information in the Catholic Church in Repniky relative to my early family. My g grandfather died 23 October 1864. He married Anna Hanus of Osika, Cis 12, Okres Litomysl on 8 February 1820. Her father was Matej Hanus of Osika, Cis 12. She died 6 December 1863.
email: Don A. Johnson - - Posted 21 January 1999

Researching: KASPR
I am searching for information on my surname, Kaspr. I do know my paternal grandfather was from Bohemia...where I don't know. I do know they came from Chicago to Santa Barbara, CA to Conway, Arkansas and finally back home to rest this past Dec in the Bohemian National Cemetery. Any information will be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 19 January 1999

Researching: MATUSEK, GOZORA
I'm trying to locate records and information about my grandparents. My grandfather's name was Martin Matusek and my grandmother's name was Mary Gozora.They were born in Czechoslovakia, but I don't know where . Can you please help me? I can't seem to get there marriage certificate, which would help. They must of come over to the U.S around the early 1900's, because from the information that I have they married around 1910 or somewhere around that time. Thank you for your time.
email: Debbie Burch - - Posted 19 January 1999

Researching: LUKACS, PATRIK
Trying to find any living relatives and any info on my ancestors from Keked. My grandmothers name was Catalin Lukacs and her sisters name was Anna Lukacs. I am also trying to find her mothers name. Catalin immigrated here in Trenton in about 1905. Her sister Anna went to Connecticut. My grandfather John and his father, John, Came to Trenton, NJ in 1905. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 19 January 1999

Searching for Simerskey or Semersky related to grandfather, Felipe Simersky from Eagle Lake, Texas.
email: - - Posted 19 January 1999

Both Joseph Karasek and Mary Herkel were from Czechoslovakia. Mary Herkel was born in Velci and was raised in Jince. She immigrated to the US in 1909 at the age of 15. Brothers Tony, Jim, and Joe Herkel lived in Herkimer, NY. Sisters were Barbara Herkel Sitterly, Anna Herkel Heart, Rose Herkel Rose, Josephine Herkel Lucas, Agnus Herkel Lucas and Antionette Herkel Newland lived in the central New York area. Joseph Karasek was from Horavice and immigrated to the US beore the turn of the century to settle in the central New York area. One sister, Josephine Karasek Narad moved to Rancine, Wisc. Brothers Frank, John, and Charles stayed in New York as far as I can tell.
email: -
JOYCEOFMOHAWK@WEBTV.NET - Posted 19 January 1999

Jacon Fuksa and Alzbeta Soukup married in Lacross, Wisconsin in 1875 and moved to, lived, and died in Brainard Nebraska, Frank Jr. Vincent and their parents and sisters. Frank Sr. and Marie Foral from Bruno to Omaha, Nebraska anout 1903. Fuksa name changed to Fuzxa in Nebraska. Jacob's sister, Elizabeth, married Matej Kabourek in Bohemia. Their daughter, Marie, married Frank Bratrsovsky in Nebraska. Frank, father John, and brother John and mother, Anna Faulteen (sp) Bratrsovsky came from Moravia and lived in Butler County, Nebraska.
email: Eldine Foral - - Posted 19 January 1999

Researching: YANDA, FATKA
I am researching the following Czech names: Yanda, Mary; Fatka, Karl, Anna, Charles, Frank, Barbara, John William, Peter, Anna, Louis, Waclaw, Suzana. Thank you for posting these.
email: Ray Holt - - Posted 18 January 1999

Researching: NOVAK
I am looking for information on my Grandfather, Vaclav Novak, Born September 29, 1843, in Vlastic, Bohemia. He immigrated to the U.S. on July 8, 1878 as a widower with a son Joseph R. born in 1872.
email: Ron Novak - - Posted 18 January 1999

Researching: GINZEL
Some member of this family Immigrated to the US in early/mid 1800's. We believe the entry port was Galveston, Tx. One uncorroborated story has three brothers coming to America with one staying in Texas and the others continuing to Chicago or the midwestern US. Any Ginzel immigration to the US would be appreciated.
email: Gordon Ginzel - - Posted 18 January 1999

Researching: NOVOTNY
Searching for information on my ancestors, Novotny. I am trying to complete a family tree. Thanks.
email: Scott A. Novotny - - Posted 18 January 1999

Reseaching the Zak/Zacks and Bendas that emigrated to Nebraska (Polk and Platte Counties) in 1874-1880, all from northern Moravia; Zaks from Mohelnice and Vranova Lhota; Lass from Busin; Benda from Unicov and Eisenberg (now Ruda na Moravou near Stity or Rymarov); Dimmt and Jahn from Moravsky Karlov, near Stity.
email: - - Posted 18 January 1999

Researching: KOTTER
These are my husband's ancestors. The family, Kotter, came from Eikendorf area of Drensteinfurt, Westphalia, Prussia (south of Munster). I have a picture marked "Cecho Slovakia" that I received from my father-in-law. He never told me where it came from. It has four pink rose blooms, greenery, on a light blue background. The back has one bloom. It's about 7 inches tall. I just wondered where the picture could have come from. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 17 January 1999

Researching Maria Fiala, Born 1838, Stasov, Bohemia. Father, Johann Fiala, mother, Barbara Bratzner. Maria Fiala married Johann Paier (Czech Republic or Austria) and had child Mary Paier, Born Mittor, Bohemia, on 28 May 1860. Maria Fiala died 1 March 1900 in Des Moines, Iowa. I am seeking any information on ancestors and descendants of Fiala and Bratzner families in the Czech Republic. Will trade and share information.
email: - - Posted 17 January 1999

Researching: HITSCHFEL
My grandmother, Emma Hitschfel, left Bohemia in 1906 and came to the USA with her brother Anton. We are searching for descendants of Anton Hitschfel. We believe Anton lived in Los Angeles and Boise, Idaho until 1918. Emma settled in Oklahoma City and married L.V. Archer and had 5 children.
email: Nancy Archer - - Posted 17 January 1999

I'm researching my grandfather, Frank A Zak, born 1922 in Hodonin, Morovia, Czech., son of Frank Zak, born in Lipove, Morovia, and Apolena Hruska, born in Tasove, Morovia. Frank (the father's) parents were Frank Zak, also of Lipove, and Agnes Stipsky, of Tasove, Morovia. Apolena's parents were Mathew Hruska, of Tasove, and Mariann Roman. I would like to hear from anyone researching the same families.
email: Richard Howeson Jr. - - Posted 17 January 1999

Researching: PETRLIK, LADA
I am interested in family details of Vincent Petrlik, born 12/11/1893, at Chrudim, Bohemia. He came to Australia about 1913 and married my great aunt, Jeannette Duprez, Manly, NSW Australia, 3/4/1920. Vincent had a married sister, Anna (husband Lada or Yada), who remained in the homeland, possibly in Kolin. Her children were Milan and Patrick Lada. Their last known address in 1972 was: Opa Ladislav ulice Voskresenska 861 (or 867), Kolin II, Czechoslovakia CSSR. I would appreciate any assistance you are able to give.
email: Robyn Pedrina - - Posted 17 January 1999

Researching: LUDACKA
Looking for information on the Ludacka surname.
email: Frank Ludacka - - Posted 15 January 1999

Researching: PETRANEK
I'm searching for information on the meaning and/or origin of the surname Petranek.
email: - - Posted 15 January 1999

My Grandfather John Kahoun might be GEORGE came to the U.S. in I believe around 1895 lived in the Slovak are of E 55th and Broadway in Cleveland Ohio The actual street they lived on was Hillman off of Broadway. My Father Frank Joseph Kahoun married my mother Estelle Thompson at Broadway Christian Church on Engle off broadway also a few blocks north of Hillman. My Grandmother's name was Anna. I remember a name of George Kahoun who I believe was a cousin of my Father. I remember going to a apple farm they had in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio called at the time Brecksville,Independence, or Seven Hills and that suburb today would probably be the same, just not sure which one. My father had a sister who married James Michalak who owned a bike store on a corner Broadway not sure of the side street name accross from Grabski Ford and 1/2 block away from the well known Jack Frost Donuts. Anyone knowing the George Kahoun family that had the orchard might be a start for me to follow back with my Father and Grandfather. My Grandparents died in 1957,58 or 59 both a year apart and in that 3yr span. My Mother Estelle is still living at the age of 80 and my Father passed away in 1992.My Mother dont remember much unfortunately or doesnt know. I also know my Grandparents did come from Bohemia. Anyone with any ifo on the Kahoun name and in the Cleveland Ohio area please contact me.
email: - - Posted 15 January 1999

Researching: MOTTL
I am trying to find information on the Mottl family, just starting my search, villages near Praha?
email: Henry Mottl - - Posted 15 January 1999

Researching: STRAZEK
I am just starting my family tree and I am looking for the names Strazek and Pelcarsky. My only info is that the Strazekz Andrew and Mary settled in Bonne Terre ,MO and eventually ended in Cleveland, Ohio I believe they originally came from Bratslovia any one with more info please contact me.
email: - - Posted 15 January 1999

Researching: HALAMEK
Researching Halamek possibly from Ruda Policka. John Halamek and wife Mary came to Chicago in 1870's. Later were in Nebraska before returning to Chicago.
email: Tom Schneider - - Posted 14 January 1999

I'm looking for information regarding the following the names: Smisek, Pekarek, Masin, Vidlak, Petrl. My great-great-grandfather was Vincent Pekarek, who was born in Prague. My great-grandmother was Frances Petrl who was born in Bohemia. She married Joseph Smisek who was also born in Bohemia.
email: Cheryl Thaler - - Posted 14 January 1999

Researching: VLAZNY, VLKOV
Researching the above surnames from the Czech Republic.
email: John Vlazny - - Posted 14 January 1999

Researching: PAVLIK, OPAT
I am trying to find my relatives. I do not know exactly where they came from except Bohemia. Surnames are Pavlik and Opat. If anyone knows of these families that immigrated from Bohemia to Chicago, Illinois and then to Minnesota in the late 1800's, please contact me.
email: James D. Pavlik - - Posted 14 January 1999

Researching: VOREL, VORLOVA
Researching the above surnames from Bohemia. I don't know the village.
email: Rob Vorel - - Posted 14 January 1999

To post your surnames and email address leave email to with surnames and locations. The only restriction is that the surnames must be from the Czech Republic, Bohemia, Moravia or related areas.

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