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Researching: NOHAVEC
My great grandfather, Mikluas Nohavec, was born in Trebycinka in 1856 and emigrated to the US in 1884. I am attempting to find any information about his father and mother.
email: Robert Nohavec - - Posted 13 January 1999

Researching: OPELA
Jan Opela, DOB 5/1844, came to Lavaca County Texas in 1873. The derivation of the name Opela and his birthplace are a mystery, thus far. In Palkovice, Moravia, CR, there are some cemetary plots with the Opela name. I have been unable to find evidence of immigration records or ship logs for he and his 2 small children who accompanied him to Texas. He may have lived in Horovice, Bohemia, CR, prior to his trip.
email: John Dorotik - - Posted 13 January 1999

Looking for information regarding my grandparents, Wenceslaus Spelina (Spilina) and Alvisia Vrba. Both immigrated to Chicago, Illiinois around 1900. Visit our web site Also researching Lebeda.
email: - - Posted 13 January 1999

Researching: HONL
Searching for information about Adolph Honl, born 7 February 1870, immigrated to USA 1889. Looking for information about place of birth , relatives, etc., from 1870 to 1889.
email: James Honl -
JAIMZO@AOL.COM - Posted 13 January 1999

Joseph Fulenchek (Fulnecht) was born 1854 in Zeho Storakia, Moravia and his wife Johanna Tiptmann Fulenchek (Fulnecht) was born 1852 in Moravia. Children were Emil, born Moravia, and Frances, born in Moravia. All were listed on the 1880 census for Washington Township, Brown County, Kansas. They immigrated in 1880, same year as Census and were naturalized in 1900. Any help on where in Moravia or the correct spelling of the town in Moravia will be appreciated.
email: Samuel Weaver - - Posted 12 January 1999

Researching: BAUER
I am researching my ancestral hometown. Does anyone know what Herzogwald is called today? Thank you.
email: Hans Bauer - - Posted 12 January 1999

I'm researching my mothers family, the Forals. I located 29 Forals in Brno and sent letters requesting family information. Based on numerous correspondence, the Foral ancestral home is in Pribram with others living in Praha, Babice, Rosice and Brno. My great grandfather, Joseph Foral, came here in 1881, aboard the SS France, leaving from Havre, France, settling in Oconto County, Wisconsin. His parents were Mathew and Mary Foral. He married Marguerite Steffel in 1883. According to the 1900 census, she came here in 1882. Her sister, Dora Steffel, married Jake Skarda and her other sister married Joseph Krumpos. Joseph Foral's son Albert married Barbara Kobes. I need to locate records in Bohemia and am looking for advice other than hiring Czech Rep.
email: William Fonferek - - Posted 12 January 1999

Researching: LUPINEK, VOLEK
I am researching the Lupinek surname. I have brothers Alois (b. 6-15-1860) and Antonin Lupinek (b. 6-15-1852) in Bahno, Bohemia. Antonin would be my great grandfather on my mother's side. I believe he came to the US around 1885-1887 to New York City. He was married to Antonie Volek - I assume in Bohemia. Any information relating to these people would be greatly appreciated.
email: John Forman - - Posted 12 January 1999

I am researching the family of Jan Blazek and Frantiska Uhlir. John had 6 or 7 children with his first wife. With second wife, Frantiska, he had Rudolf, Josef, Emilie, Ann, Frank and Bozena. Rudolf was born May 26, 1882 in Velka Belc, Trebechovice, Bohemia. His wife, Antonia Cerny, lived in the nearby area.
email: - - Posted 11 January 1999

Researching: BLATNICKY
I am interested in the family name Blatnicky in the village of Letnice. My grandfather came from this village and I would like to find out where it is and more about the Blatnicky family. I would appreciate any help on this request. Thank you.
email: Roger R. Congdon - - Posted 11 January 1999

Researching: SALZBORN
Researching surname Salzborn, from Roewersdorf, Tremesna (North Moravia).
email: Franz Salzborn - - Posted 11 January 1999

My father is Frantisek Kos, born in Plsen, Czechoslovakia. He was born to Vilem Kos and Anna (Gruber) Kosova. Anna Gruber's parents were Vaclav Gruber and Anna Pitromanova. I am interested in finding out the parent's names of Vaclav Gruber. They could possibly be more from Austria than the area of Czech, Bohemia, etc. Thank you for any help. Visit our web site -
email: Vicki Spangler - - Posted 11 January 1999

Researching: BARTOS
I am looking for information on Bartos. John Bartos was my great-grandfather and immigrated to US in 1907 or 1908. He was a cabinet maker. He had 4 siblings: Frank, Rose, Lillian, and Anna. His parents were John and Rosa (last name unknown). He came from Prague. He later married Louise Rich. They had 3 children: Leslie, Steven, and Vincent. I am at a total dead end. Any info would be much appreciated.
email: - - Posted 10 January 1999

Researching: LEBEDA
Seeking any information on the Lebeda family? They relocated to United States in 1874- 75, settling in Caldwell, Kansas area. Their Bohemian roots have been traced back to near Prague.
email: Bud Almond - - Posted 10 January 1999

Researching: SMETAK, SYKORA
I am looking for information on Anton Smetak. He was born October 31, 1877 in Austria (Bohemia). He married Antonia Sykora, in 1899 in Pennsylvania. Antonia was born June 29, 1869, in Stierdorf, Hungary. Her parents were Joannes Sykora and Anna Fischer.
email: Terry Lynn Moore - - Posted 10 January 1999

Researching the name of the village this family came from. Thomas, the son of Petr and Marie Stanek, was born December 2l, l846 or l847 in Bohemia and immigrated to Wisconsin in l884. His wife Marie nee Nevsimalova, born Dec. 8, l856 in Bohemia and immigrated in l886 with daughter Annie (born January 29, l885). The parents of Marie Nevsimalova were Antonin and Katerina N. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Maria Burger - - Posted 10 January 1999

Researching primarily Elsik (and derivations thereof), also Matcek, Kocurek and Mikeska. Great grandfather, Tomas Elsik, emigrated to Texas from Moravia, ca. 1854. My grandfather, Tomas, was one year old. My great grandmother settled in Burleson County, Texas. But there are no further records of GGF Tomas. There may have been a divorce, he returned to the Czech Republic, remarried, and traveled back to Texas, perhaps to the vicinity of Ennis. Branches of the Elsik family were in Hostalkova, Zadverice, etc., primarily in Moravia. There are at least 4 branches of the Elsik family in Texas. We wonder how many more are in Bohemia and Moravia?
email: Bill Elsik - - Posted 10 January 1999

We have set up a forum for anyone searching for any of these names, or variations of them. The list is designed to be a place to share information and queries that we have found about any of the variations of the Hanus name. If you are searching for information about a similar name let us know. From time to time we will pass on information that we receive, and other information that we think will be of common interest. The address is:
email: - - Posted 09 January 1999

Researching: KUKACKA, FORT
My great grandparents, Anton Fort (1869-1944) and Mary Kukacka (1880-1941), lived in Trail County, North Dakota and later Thief River Falls, Minnesota. I am interested in hearing from any one who has info on them or these family name.
email: Scott Sheppard - - Posted 09 January 1999

Researching: LANGHAMMER
Researching Franz Joseph and Maria Langhammer. He was born in l806 in Josfstadt Bohemia,and Maria in l8l3 in Hungary. Today, the name of Josefstadt is Jaromer. They came to America with the family in l849. Their childrens' names are: Bertha, Gustoff, Maria, Franzeska, Antonieta, Franz, Josefina and Heinrish. Thanks.
email: Robert L. McGinnis - - Posted 09 January 1999

Researching: JAJCAJ
My sons are interested in finding any relatives there that might have the last name of Jajcaj. Their grandfather was born in Czechoslovakia many years ago, and immigrated to Canada. His name was Peter Jajcaj. His son, Edmund P. Jajcaj, was the father to my sons, Daryl, Kevin, & Keith. If you might know anyone with this last name could you pass on my email address to them please. Happy New Year!
email: Holly Jajcaj - - Posted 09 January 1999

I am looking for Czech relatives by the name of Praha. Marek Praha was born in 1977, Andrea was born in 1978 and Vernika was born in 1981. My Great Grandparents, Joseph Burda, born in Ounuz, and Albine M. Slad, born in 1883 in Preice, traveled to Chicago in 1927. Other family names are: Smidlova, Mertlova, Kollmanova, Justova, Cemanova, Payla, all still in The Czech Republic, possibly in Prague.
email: - - Posted 09 January 1999

Researching: ERBAN
I am researching Wenceslaus Erban (also recorded as: Vaclav and Vanes L.), born in Bohemia c1820, married to Barbara __??__, b. 6/1821 in Bohemia (daughter of Ignatius and Betsy, both of Bohemia.). Their children were: Louisa Erban, b. c1840s, Bohemia/ Austria; Charles Francis Erban, b. 9-4-1850 in Bohemia /Austria; Veronica Hattie Erban, b. 1860/1861 in Bohemia /Austria. I know that Charles Erban immigrated around 1867 and arrived in the port of NY. He was naturalized in 1893 in Providence, RI where he, his mother and sisters settled. I am not sure if Wencelaus Erban ever emigrated. Would be happy to share what I have. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 09 January 1999

Researching: HRANKA, HUSTAK
I am looking for any information from anyone knowing the surnames Hranka or Hustak, anywhere in the world. My father was born in Tasov, Moravia, and my mother was born in Bzova, Moravia. They came to the US in 1923. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you!
email: - - Posted 08 January 1999

Looking for Wasecek (Washicheck, Vasicek, Washecheck). My relatives homesteaded in Oklahoma in 1890. My grandfather, Ed Washecheck, was born at Cuba Kansas. His parents were John and Anna. John is son of Wenzel and Theresia Wasnecka (listed as Johann Wasnecka, age 7) from Bohemia. They arrived in the US on 8 August 1867 at NY on board the Marco Polo bound for Milwaukee. I am seeking their village in Bohemia.
email: Jinny Hopp - - Posted 08 January 1999

Researching roots on father, Otmar Jurzyca, grandfather Oto Jurzyca and mother, Jana Urbaczkova, all from Trinec, Moravia.
email: Eugen Jurzyca - - Posted 08 January 1999

Researching: KONIGSTEIN
My great grandfather was born in Meistersdorf, Austria. From what I understand, it is now Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. Is this information correct? His name was Adolph Franz Konigstein, b.31 Jan. l894. He sailed to America on the US Washington when he was about 15. He stayed with a family named Keller. One man that we know of was Henry Keller and his wife Rosa. Supposedly, this Keller family had a summer home in Meistersdorf. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Vicki L Jones - - Posted 08 January 1999

Researching: DOLECEK, LUKAS
Researching the above surnames. Thank you!
email: Henry Dolecek - - Posted 08 January 1999

Researching Nosil, Joseph, village unknown; Horak, George (Johan), village Prostejov; Kasparek, Anna, village Prostejov; Malek, Louisa, village Caslav; Sturma, Mary, village, Caslav.
email: Sharon White - - Posted 08 January 1999

Researching: VASEK, KALBAC
I am looking for information on my grandparents Jon Vasek and his wife Antonie (maiden name Kalbac) who came to America in 1883. He was born Feb 2nd 1860. My mother used to write to family in Ceske Budejovice. Any possible leads or information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Raymond Becka - - Posted 07 January 1999

Searching for Blaha, Jana, Stutzbarth, and Enders. Looking for any links to: Elizabeth Blaha, b.1840?, Bohemia - Kathrine Jana, b. 11/17/1855, Bohemia - Adelbert Stutzbarth, b. 1820?, Bonn, Czech. - Jozsef Enders, b.1842, Prague, Czech.
email: Mark Balasi - - Posted 07 January 1999

Researching: KUBICEK, WENZEL
Looking for information primarily from the Odry (Odrau) area. Grandfather was Anton Kubicek, who later moved to Germany. Grandmother was Elfriede Wenzel, from the same general area. They had one daughter, Elfriede, who is my mother. There is still an Oscar Kubicek in Odry.
email: - - Posted 07 January 1999

Searching for anyone with the name of Zygmontovich.
email: Peggy Follmer - - Posted 07 January 1999

Researching: NOVOTNY
Searching for any members of the Novotny family from Bohemia, my great-grandparents were from Prague.
email: - - Posted 07 January 1999

My grandfather, Rudolph Fiala, was born somewhere in Czechoslovakia sometime around 1904. He emigrated to the US through Ellis Island probably in the early 1920's. He had 2 brothers I know of, Walter and Jack and a sister, Stella. Stella married a man named John Passalaqua and lived and died in Cape May, New Jersey. Rudolph married Mary Swuinich, who was born in Debica, Poland and emigrated to the states around 1923. They had 4 children, Joseph, Irene, Genevieve, and Alice. Rudolph's mother was named, Wilhemena, I believe. Any information about him or his relatives would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 07 January 1999

Researching: LETOVSKY, BARTA
Interested in the surnames of Letovsky and Barta from Letovice, Moravia.
email: Patty 'Letovsky' Perkins - - Posted 06 January 1999

Researching: MACK
We are searching for the surname of Mack from Haselberg, Boehmia. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Jim Mack - - Posted 06 January 1999

Researching: DUSHA
Looking for Dusha family location in Moravia.
email: Rich Dusha - - Posted 06 January 1999

Researching: ZENKER, LUMLIN
My grandfather's name was Franz Wilhelm Zenker, who was born 1-8-1890 in Czech. His father's name was Joseph and mother's maiden name was Lumlin (not sure of spelling). Another account has him born in Zwikau, Saxony. Any info would be of help.
email: James D. Smith - - Posted 06 January 1999

Both families lived near Cuba, Republic County, Kansas. Joseph Keprta came in 1880. He was probalby from Kunvald, Zamberk, Kr. Hradec. Anton Sklenicka may have come from Sykorice, Krivoklat, Plzen. Seeking any information available on them.
email: John Schmal - - Posted 06 January 1999

Looking for Hlebik, Klebick, and Zorro. My paternal grandparents were John Michael Hlebik and Magdalena Zorro Hlebik of Alison Pennyslvania, My grandfather had a brother John Klebick (spelled last name different) of Republic Pennsylvania. Any information is appreciated. Looking for relatives in Czech and USA.
email: - - Posted 05 January 1999

My name is Anders Koenig and I'm from Sweden. I'm looking for relatives to my grandfather, whos name was: Alfred Koenig. His father, Alfred Koenig (senior), was born 1899 in a place called Konojedy (Konoged). His mother, Adelaide (Adele) Grussert (Grinsserx), was also born 1899 but in a place called Schoenau (Loucky) in Boehmen, Decin (Tetschen). She went to school in Schoenau. They got married around 1920 and lived in Schoenau, at adress: Schoenau 108 which Adelaide had inherit from her father. Later on my grandfather, Alfred Koenig (junior) was born 1920, and he went to school in Wernstadt (Vernerice) and in Melnik. He was a mechanician apprentice at Ing. Richard Stebich in Tetschen (Decin) between 1936 and 1938. My grand-grandfather (born 1899) went to school in Konojedy (Konoged) and in Leitmeritz and later on he was some kind of a "mayor" in Wernstadt (Vernerice). He was employed as a carpenter at "Eduard Anton" in Wernstadt between 1924 and 1938. And because he was involved in the German Socialdemocratic party, he and his family was forced to leave Wernstadt to emigrate to Czechoslovakian grounds in October 1938 from the Nazis. In February 1939 they had to emigrate to Denmark because the German invasion of Czechoslovakia. Later on they all had to flee again from the Nazis, but this time the last. They came to Sweden in 1943. My grand-grandfather (born 1899) had one brother whos name was: Adolf Koenig. He may have children that moved to Canada. I'm would be very, very glad if there is any one who have any information about my relatives!
email: Anders Koenig - - Posted 05 January 1999

Pavlis - Volduchy, The Czech Republic, Svihla - Letiny, The Czech Republic Hais - Zahorcice, The Czech Republic, Zeliskova - Krasilov, The Czech Republic Dobes - Komorno, The Czech Republic, Karnolt - Sec, The Czech Republic, and Andrle - Volduchy, The Czech Republic
email: Elinor Kerklingh Svihla - - Posted 05 January 1999

Researching: PRAI
We are searching for any information on Albert Prai. He was born in Nova Kdyne in 1846.
email: John E. Vyhlidal - - Posted 05 January 1999

I am looking for any and all info on Joseph Vrtacek and his wife Anna Rokos. Both born early to mid 1840s in Bohemia. What town or city is unknown. They came to New York 1870 and had a number of children there one of them being my great grandmother "Emma Vrtacek" born Oct.1878 . They lived in New York until 1892 when they moved to Killinhworth, CT. I do not have the names of Joseph Vrtacek parents but Annas parents are Joseph Rokos and Elizabeth Wackova. I would like to get as muc info as possible and as far back as I can.
email: Ray Parker - - Posted 05 January 1999

Researching: LUEPKES
I am looking for some history on my surname Luepkes. My greatgrandparents, Abraham (Abe) and Jenny Luepkes were from Plzen and they came to the US circa 1865-1880 and settled in Illinois. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
email: Tom and Jessica Luepkes - - Posted 05 January 1999

I am searching for relatives that my parents lost contact with after World War II. My Father (Alois/Louis), uncle (Norbert), and grandparents (Grandfather-Norbert Franz Zoerkler -1875 to 1927/Grandmother-Bertha-nee Reis-1878 to 1958) immigrated to the United States in 1910 from Duppau and settled orginally in Cinicinnati, Ohio. Norbert Franz was the son of Franz Zoerkler who was the son of Alois Zoerkler and Anna Poeschel. Franz's Father was Aloysius. Any information on our relatives or where they may have relocated to will be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 04 January 1999

Researching: TALACKOVE
I would like to find out about my family Talackove ze Stetice. I presently live in Vancouver Canada. If you can send me any info about that family I would very appreciated it.I know that family was listed in a book called Hrady A Zamky Zeme Ceske.
email: Gerry Rambousek - - Posted 04 January 1999

Researching: BLAHA, BLAKE
Looking for information on Charles Blaha (later changed his name to Blake), brother Frank Blaha and sisters Hermina and Mary. From Bohemia to NY to Illinois, USA. Relatives say they were from Krivak but, unable to locate that city. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Doreen - - Posted 04 January 1999

Researching: JANECEK
Searching for location of Bela, birthplace of Joseph Petr Janecek in 1894. Any ideas?
email: - - Posted 04 January 1999

Researching: POKORAK, OLSA
Looking for information on the surname - Pokorak. I understand that it was a common name, like Brown, and my great grandfather came from a small village. I cannot remember the name of the village, but I do know that there were two villages by the same name. My Great Grandfather was Joseph Jacob Pokorak, b. 7/29/1900. We think the name of the town was Burno. He came to the US in 1922. His mother's name was Rosemary Pokorak. Also looking for information on the surname, Olsa. Joseph Gregory Olsa, b. 3/19/1869 in a town called Gbele, (at the time). In the Austria-Hungary region of Slovakia. This gentleman was my Grandmothers father. From what I gathered from Grandma, he was Jacob married in Slovakia and had a family; came to Binghamton, NY to make money in the EJ Shoe factories; went back to Slovakia. His wife passed away, and he came back here. Married again here and had my Grandmother. He died in NY in 1947. Any information gathered would be most appreciated. Thank you.
email: Kirbi Pokorak Underhill - - Posted 04 January 1999

I am researching the name Cizek. I have sent several e-mails in hope of finding some information. My grandfather's name is Joe Cizek and he married Marie Dvorak. The resided in Potter, NE. Just west of Sidney Nebraska. Joe had two brothers, Frank and Charlie. My father's name is Calvin Cizek. He goes by Carey. He does not know where Frank is to this date. Charlie has passed on.
email: Joe Cizek - - Posted 03 January 1999

Researching: WILDOVA
Searching for relatives with surname Wildova. Mother Justina E. Wildova born 1933 Joslowitz, Czech Republic. Searching for same name?? Let's work together.
email: Victoria Wild Jandran - - Posted 03 January 1999

Researching: KOPESKY, GREVE
Searching for information on family of Joseph Louis Kopesky married Anna Greve. Born 4/16/1863 in Bohemia. Believe they lived in Wisconsin prior to settling in St. Louis, Missouri area.
email: Linda M. Robbins - - Posted 03 January 1999

Researching: CENSKE
I am a member of the Censke Family in the United States. I am searching for any information pertaining to the Family Name.
email: David Censke - - Posted 03 January 1999

Researching: FINKEN, LYSCHIK
Looking for info on Finken or Lyschik in Europe.
email: Dave Wilson - - Posted 03 January 1999

Researching: SCHLOTH
I am looking for the family name of Schloth. I believe it originated in Prague. I was told that my family came from there and migrated to Bavaria, or any part of Southern Germany. Myself and other Schloths are interested in meeting/communicating with any Schloths in Prague or the Czech Republic. Several generations have lived in the Boston area along with New York and Portland, OR. Thanks for your assistance.
email: Donald Schloth - - Posted 03 January 1999

Researching: CUDA
Looking for any information on Frankovitch Cuda and two of his three children Leo and Juliette. Frankovitch was born in Moravia around 1869 and married Fransisca. Leo was born around 1902 and Juliette was born around 1893, both in Moravia. Any information or leads will be greatly appreciated.
email: Allen Cuda - - Posted 02 January 1999

Researching: BLAHA, OTTO
I am son of Raymond Blaha who is the son of John Blaha. I know very little of my family history and hope that you can help establish the linage. From what I know about the family history is that John Blaha marries Ida Otto in (Germany/Austria?) and departed Europe in the late 1800's. John died at an early age and may have been born in the US. (don't really know). Any information that you have about my grand parents would be helpful as I start my search.
email: Russ Blaha - - Posted 02 January 1999

Researching: SCHLEHOFER
I am researching the family name of Schlehofer, Frances Lewis, born 1905, from Windham County, Chaplin Connecticut. Married Rosalie Ives also born 1905. Migrated from Czech Republicm Capria Mts. District. Zip-erz County.
email: Robin Herron - - Posted 02 January 1999

< Researching: HROUDA
Looking for descendents of Charles Hrouda from the village Blatna. Charles was born in Blatna in 1892. Immigrated to the United States in 1911.
email: - - Posted 02 January 1999

Researching: VYTERNA
Please e-mail any information on the Vyterna name. Thank you for all your help in finding out more about the name given to me by my decendents of the Czech Rep.
email: Michael Vyterna - - Posted 02 January 1999

Researching: HYRSL
Surname Hyrsl, region of Praskacka. Started research on this surname.
email: - - Posted 01 January 1999

Researching: BLAZEJOVSKY
Looking for information on Joesph Blazejovsky and the Blazejovsky family?
email: Sheila Schultz - - Posted 01 January 1999

Researching: DVORAK
Searching for Vincent Dvorak, Frances Dvorak, John Dvorak, Ignatz Dvorak from the Klein Kunschitz, Freistadt area in Bohemia about a century ago.
email: Tom Flowers - - Posted 01 January 1999

Researching: KUBICA
I have no idea how to start to research my great grandfather Paul Kubica b. 29 Mar 1871 in Prague. Can you get me started in a good direction. Happy New Year!
email: Holly - - Posted 01 January 1999

My husband's ancestors came from Bohemia to he USA many moons ago. One is Martin Huna and another was the Benesch family. Also on my side was Mathias Liebl from Heiligenkreutz and his father Josef Liebl. Thanks for any info,
email: Joan Born - - Posted 01 January 1999

Researching: HONL
Researching Honl. Adolph G. Honl, born 7 Feb 1870, Parents names Adolph & Anna, Possibly from near Hertersdorf (Horni Houzovec), Emigrated to USA in 1889.
email: James Honl - - Posted 01 January 1999

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